Chronique d’une disparition annoncée ? Depuis une vingtaine d’années, les abeilles disparaissent massivement partout dans le monde. Dans les ruchers les plus touchées, les apiculteurs enregistrent jusqu’à 90% de perte (abeilles mortes, incapables de produire du miel ou qui ne reviennent jamais). On appelle ce phénomène le «syndrome d’effondrement des…


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A Proposal for a
National Honey Bee Improvement Programme

There are concerns by beekeepers of all levels about the dangers of the ever-increasing queen and bee imports into the U.K. These have increased fivefold between 2011 and 2019. As well as the risk of bringing in pests and diseases, imported bees have been shown to be less well-equipped for survival in our climate and conditions. In addition, continuous hybridisation of sub-species makes the selection and improvement of our stock more difficult.
BIBBA has developed a strategy document titled “National Bee Improvement Programme” and is soliciting interest, support and feedback from other stakeholder organisations, groups and beekeepers for a national approach to selecting and improving a locally adapted bee population. The aim is to reduce the health risks posed by imports whilst at the same time improving the quality of our bees for everyone.