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An interesting part of BIBBA activity is the broadcasting of live, unscripted apiary demonstrations.
They are live streamed on YouTube, with recordings available later
next demonstration Tuesday 18th June
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BIBBA Monthly

June 2024

  • Live@theHive Returns
  • How Many Drones Are Good Enough? Dorian Pritchard
  • Book Review - Local Queens are Best
  • Swarm Control using 2 frame nuc - Roger Patterson
  • Bees for Pleasure and Profit - Excerpt
  • Readers Response

  Do you want better bees?

We all want docile, healthy bees that produce a good surplus of honey, right? Well, a  study in several locations throughout Europe has demonstrated the local bee performed best in all of them. This is understandable as it is what honey bees have evolved to do.  BIBBA's National Bee Improvement Programme is a nationwide project to encourage and support all beekeepers in selecting and raising their own local queens.      more info >>

BIBBA Opposes

the Importation of
Honey Bees and Queens

for 15 reasons