Bee Improvement Days 2021

Bee Improvement Days 2021 The Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders’ Association (BIBBA) will be running a small number of practical and theoretical courses during the summer months. These will be aimed at beekeepers who wish to improve their bees, with emphasis on suitability to the environment, docility, calmness on the…

Live @ the Hive

Live @ the Hive

Over the summer months, BIBBA is broadcasting a series of live apiary demonstrations.
The events will be live streamed on YouTube which will allow an unlimited audience, but they will not be able to ask questions.
A limited number of BIBBA members will be able to sign up to a WhatsApp group, where they will be able to post questions which we will attempt to answer live.

East Midlands 1998

Use of plastic foundation in the Apidea mini-nucs
Use of Syrup instead of candy in Mini-nucs
Use of cut comb containers for candy
Grafting using a magnifier and torch
Preparation of cell raising colonies
Use of a cell transporter
Use of an incubator for hatching queen cells