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Before you look at the suppliers below, it might be worth having a look at if there is a local BIBBA group that might be able to help you out with bees or queens. We have a number of Bee Improvement Groups around the UK. Often these groups have surplus bees and queens. Click here to find your nearest group.

Bees for Sale from Members…

BIBBA are encouraging their members to raise extra queens and nucs to sell in order that we can dissuade beekeepers from buying imported queens.

We presently do not have the ability to inspect or vouch for such queens and nucs but require the seller to commit to the statement:
“I confirm that my queens are raised from local stock and are not imports, and that I support the objects of BIBBA.”

Clitheroe BB7

These are black bees openly mated. Price is £175 for 5 frame nuc on National frames available from mid June. Nucs can be collected or sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery in a correx nuc box. I will deliver locally free of charge and help any new beekeeper with their set up.

South Yorkshire S75

Our five frame nucleus colonies contain locally-adapted bees headed by one of our queens, brood of all stages as well as pollen and stores. All our nucs are on British Standard frames (drop off your nuc box). Delivery and installation: price on application.

Our locally-adapted queens are bred at our main apiary. They head productive and hardy colonies. We breed a few surplus queens which we sell to cover our queen production costs.


Stirling/Glasgow G63
Chorley, Lancashire

Overwintered 6 frame nuc’s with 2022 clipped & marked queens £200 collection only… 2023 queens ready june £40 collection only
/ 01257 230591

East Grinstead, West Sussex

As at 2nd April ’23; three overwintered NUC’s with Queen and treatment record. NUC’s will be inspected end of April ’23 and prices, based on collection only, on application.
/ 07725 615288

Llangollen, LL20

The British Bee Company is selling near-native dark queens this year, cost £40 each and 5 frame nucs from early July onwards. We have been improving our breeding over the past 20 years, continuously selecting for the best AMM characteristics. Our remote mating apiary is near the top of the steeply sided Ceiriog valley allowing a good degree of isolation.

Monmouthshire, NP7

5 Frame National Spring / 8 Frame Warre Nucs.
£190 + £25 Refundable deposit on travel box).

Excellent starter colony, available as 5 Frames of Bees and 4 frames of Brood in all stages, plus 1 frame of stores, headed by a locally bred 2023 Queen in a returnable plywood travel box. The Nuc was produced by using our own selectively bred queen raised in a 6 frame nuc, from 3 frames of bees and 2 frames of sealed brood and the Queen allowed to go through a complete brood cycle before sale. Available June 2023 onwards, (weather dependent). No deposit required, but early booking advised as limited stock available.
Collection or local delivery only.

/ 01873 851224

Mid Glamorgan

Four over wintered colonies headed by our 2022 local queens. Collection only, they are on BS National frames inspect and transfer (bring a hive) Our bees display typical native characteristics, they are hardy, frugal and good to work. Contact for more details.
£190 per colony

March Cambridgeshire PE15

14×12, 6 frame nucleus colonies, 2 ready more to come. Last years queens (marked yellow) Healthy, productive local stock with good temperament from a chemical free apiary (a decade of management without miticides). Collection only, nuc boxes etc to be returned in good working order. £150 per colony. Viewing on arrangement before purchase & collection is welcomed.

01354 657246

Sheffield S21

Various 6 Frame Nuc’s for sale
Some from splits so have 2022 Queen’s
Some with newly mated 2023 Queens from splits
Brood in all stages
Supplied in a painted poly nuc box
Local bred bees, good to handle
£260 with the box
£220 if you return the box or bring your own to transfer the night before
£40 non returnable deposit required to secure the sale
All ready to transfer to hives
Collection only
Will only sell to beekeepers

07778665775 /


Open mated locally-adapted queens available, bred from near-native stock displaying exemplary traits with an emphasis on health and docility. There is a suggested donation of £20 per mated queen purely to cover the costs associated with their rearing.


This is our last queen rearing session this year. We only use our own stock so nothing bought in. We have not sold queens and only a few nucs to local companies that we manage. The queens are from a Varroa Resistant colony that fits the criteria in website. The colony was selected on the characteristics of strong through winter, early spring strong start up, varroa resistance.

The varroa resistance is as defined in and is in summary uncapping, cannibalisation or recapping, low varroa count based on a 300 worker count using CO2.

The queens are emerged and virgins. In curler nicot cages. No attendants. Wax remains of cell removed and some feed in cage. They will have had feeding from the workers in the finishing colony. Not marked nor clipped.

or 07813513753

The expected emergence date is 18th July.
Price £18 strictly collection only


Queens available from small scale grafting queen rearing. Breeding selected from the best of my 20+ colonies for good locally adapted bees to the Bristol/Gloucestershire area. Bees located in South Gloucestershire in the Severn Vale around the area of the Severn bridges.

Mother queen selected for calmness and a good balance of honey collection genes as well as adequately prolific. Queen will easily fill a single brood but not high swarming tendency, unless no space, and equally at home on brood and a half or 14X12.

Queens are open mated, with mother queens from good non F1 stock, where eggs are grafted from subsequent generations of good queens no changes in temperament in later generations has been seen. Queens regularly provided to new beekeepers with positive feedback.

Videos can be provided of queens and nucs upon confirmed orders or inspection on collection subject to suitable timing for availability.

Available as:
Single queen – £40
5 or 6 frame nuc, as available – £200
Full 11 frame hive – £350

or 07928 404826

Collection only. Nucs and full hives can be transferred into buyers hives or deposit required for the return of the hive bodies.

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We have a number of Bee Improvement Groups around the UK. Often these groups have surplus bees and queens. Click here to find your nearest group.