Bees for Sale

BIBBA are encouraging their members to raise extra queens and nucs to sell in order that we can dissuade beekeepers from buying imported queens.

We presently do not have the ability to inspect or vouch for such queens and nucs and simply request the member selling them to give an assurance that they are raised from local stock and are not imports, and that the seller supports the objectives of BIBBA.

Members wishing to sell bees should complete this form

Current availability:

Isle of Wight – moc.d1534873876uolci1534873876@gnik1534873876di1534873876 (07855 246994)

Local Isle of Wight Queens, open mated £25 Caged with attendants


Cirencester, Gloucestershire – ku.oc1534873876.ooha1534873876y@skn1534873876itlih1534873876P1534873876

5 frame nuc’s still available, open mated with AMM characteristics from my own breeder queen £195 + 30 for wooden box. Full size colonies available for inspection. Collection only.


Hereford –  moc.l1534873876iamel1534873876goog@1534873876staob1534873876rolya1534873876tm1534873876

Mike Taylor, The Honey Badger, has the following nucs available for sale for £195 each: Locally adapted dark bee of native appearance supplied in a wooden nuc box.