Bees for Sale

BIBBA are encouraging their members to raise extra queens and nucs to sell in order that we can dissuade beekeepers from buying imported queens.

We presently do not have the ability to inspect or vouch for such queens and nucs and simply require the seller to give an assurance that they are raised from local stock and are not imports, and that the seller supports the objectives of BIBBA.

Stonyhurst, Clitheroe, Lancashire
: 07727761772for collection or local delivery: see also for sale

Framfield, Uckfield – nucs and queens
Framfield, UckfieldOverwintered and summer nucs, mated queens. Locally adapted bees originating from ferrall survivor colonies. 6 frame national poly nucs £ 220 6 frame 14×12 poly nucs £240. Mated queens £50 when available. Collection only.
Abergavenny, Monmouthshire
Abergavenny, Monmouthshire
tel: 07908354770
5 Frame Spring 2021 Nuc.
£180 (£15 Refund available on return of travel box).

Excellent starter colony, available as 5 Frames of Bees and 4 frames of Brood in all stages, plus 1 frame of stores, headed by a locally bred 2021 Queen in a returnable plywood travel box. Our bees have been selectively bred from our own stock for over 15 years. They are Locally Adapted and tend to be dark in colour. The aim has always been to raise new queens under as close to natural conditions as possible. Breeding queens are selected from colonies known to have a Good Temperament, and to be both Hardy and Productive with a high disease and varroa resistance. The aim has been to produce a strain of bee ideally suited to both the Beekeeper and our variable climate. The Nuc will be headed by a selected queen raised in a 6 frame nuc, and allowed to complete a full brood cycle to ensure she is laying well. Available End of May 2021 onwards. No deposit required, but early booking advised as limited stock available.
Collection or local delivery only.
Bristol area

Members wishing to sell bees can put a notice on the website.
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