Bees for Sale

BIBBA are encouraging their members to raise extra queens and nucs to sell in order that we can dissuade beekeepers from buying imported queens.

We presently do not have the ability to inspect or vouch for such queens and nucs and simply require the seller to give an assurance that they are raised from local stock and are not imports, and that the seller supports the objectives of BIBBA.

I have a few nucs of 2020 local, mated, laying queens, available at £135 per 5 frame nuc. colony. Frames to be transferred into buyers own brood box or nuc. box on delivery (local only) or collection. Please email to for details and to make arrangements to suit.

From our Amm breeding stock, surplus to our requirements now for this season but following a very successful rearing season. Unmated, virgin queens available from ~28th July £18 inc. next day Special Delivery, and mated from our Amm apiaries (we have a number of drone rearing colonies on our mating and surrounding sites) £30 inc. next day Special Delivery. +£2 for marking. We will not clip wings.

5 Frames of Bees and 4 frames of Brood in all stages, plus 1 frame of stores, headed by a locally bred 2020 Queen in a plywood travel box for £150 or a 6 frame Nuc with an extra frame of Bees and Brood price £170. Both available late May onwards .
/ 01873851224

I have about twenty to thirty queen’s hatching week commencing 13th July that will be surplus to my requirements. These will not be mated and will be virgins. I will be selling them for ten pounds plus postage. These are from my local near native stock. They were tested by the university of Bangor and the results were good as they contain a high percentage of amm. I will be raising another batch that will be available again around the end of the month first week of August. I can be contacted on 01981 570640 after 7pm or by emailing me at

Members wishing to sell bees should complete this form