Bee Improvement -One Day Home Study & One Day Practical

BIBBA will be repeating the popular Bee Improvement courses in various locations around the UK. These will be one-day apiary-based events, with online tutorials as part of the preparatory learning. The courses are intended for beekeepers who wish to produce queens in batches of 6 or more, using “artificial” methods from locally adapted stock. Attendees…

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June 2024 BIBBA Monthly

  • Live@theHive Returns
  • How Many Drones Are Good Enough? Dorian Pritchard
  • Book Review – Local Queens are Best
  • Swarm Control using 2 frame nuc – Roger Patterson
  • Bees for Pleasure and Profit – Excerpt
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Archive of BIBBA (unincorporated charity)

at the 2022 AGM, the members of the unincorporated charity “Bee Improvement & Bee Breeders Association” (charity no 273827) approved a motion to set up a Charitable Incorporated Organisation and to transfers all assets of the current association.The charity commission approved the new CIO in November 2022. AGM 2023 BIBBA 2022 Trustees Report BIBBA 2022…

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Queen Cells – Are They Always Bad News?

Webinar: members can view the recording

Many beekeepers see queen cells in a colony as a problem and something that should be destroyed. This presentation will help beekeepers to understand them and treat them as an opportunity.

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The Finnish Black bee

Webinar- Monday 18th March

Marrku Pöyhönen will tell us about his plans and achievements in breeding black bees  in Bodö-Pörtö island group about 20 km from Helsinki

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Queen Cell Production in a Single Brood Chamber Colony

Queen Cell Production in a Single Brood Chamber Colony Taken from Breeding Better Bees The following simple method was observed by BIBBA’s Director, Ken Ibbotson, in Holland. It is suitable for a beekeeper with single brood chamber colonies wishing to rear a small number of queens. It should produce 7-10 very good queen cells. For…

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