There are many beekeeping videos online, but as with books, there are a large number that are poor quality, inappropriate for our conditions or give poor advice. There seems to be an urge by beginners to make a video about their new hobby and display it for the world to see, when they may lack adequate knowledge or experience. Beekeepers, especially beginners, may have difficulty sorting the wheat from the chaff, perhaps being persuaded to use  “advice”, “information” or methods that may not be the best suited for their bees or conditions.

To help beekeepers, below is a list of videos with good, sound, reliable content that have been selected by experienced beekeepers. We recommend them as being suitable for our conditions in the British Islands and Ireland. It is not exhaustive by any means and will be regularly added to

General Beekeeping

“There is a lack of advice and support for beginner beekeepers worldwide. The video below is by Randy Oliver from California giving a lecture in New York on how to handle bees, stings, and appropriate clothing. This is well worth watching and has much to teach most beekeepers that I come across everywhere” (1h22m) Peter Jenkins

Following on from the above, when I see beginners booted and suited with wellingtons and blue gloves for the most menial tasks, I wonder if they are storing up problems for themselves with allergies in years to come? See below short clip from Mike Palmer (3m32s)

Finding Queens. This is something I still sometimes struggle at, especially if I’m in a hurry, even after more than half a century. This clip is from Canada, watch how he handles the bees so that they remain calm and the way he uses the smoker to achieve this. Minimal protection needed (10m28s)