Upper Dee Bee Improvement Group

This group covers a substantial area stretching from the Dee valley (Glyn Dyfrdwy) between Corwen and Bala and Westwards to Cwm Main on the edge of the Snowdonia National Park. The aim of the group is to achieve a high percentage of quality native or near-native drones in the district so that everyone in the area can let their virgins mate freely, safe in the knowledge that each generation will be at least as pure and gentle as the last. This is particularly important for beginners and to help them we offer a free requeening service if they obtain their stocks from outside sources.

The valley of Cwm Main is quite isolated and all the apiaries there are owned by members of the group. This provides an excellent opportunity for mating our best virgins. All the known beekeepers in the rest of the area are supportive of our aims and are careful to keep local bees. This means that we are able to make good progress in bee improvement.

We also like to encourage other groups in the county and beyond and have helped some of them achieve dominance in their own locality. We also help with the local association’s policy of encouraging native bees and help manage and provide good drones for their remote mating site which is available to all association members.

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