BIBBA Strategy Summary Document (2019)

Draft – for comment by members.

  1. Overall BIBBA Strategy

1.1 Continue to increase the number of BIBBA members

1.2 Improved benefits and engagement with members, groups, farmers and outside agencies.

1.3 Reduce queen and bee imports into UK and Ireland

1.4 To develop action plans, timings and accountabilities to deliver the following;

  1. Member Benefits

2.1 Establish an online forum where members can seek advice from BIBBA experts

2.2 Produce videos relevant to Bee Improvement and Queen rearing techniques

2.3 Develop and implement a set frequency and timing for Bee Improvement Magazine distribution

2.4 Establish the role of Membership Coordinator to engage with new and existing members, help with membership recruitment and support the regional mobilisation of members.

  1. Member Education

3.1 Produce technical and practical booklets and online/electronic media

3.2 Review and retrieve suitable booklets and articles from BIBBA archives and make available

3.3 Events to help improve knowledge and skills of beekeepers

3.4 Train and coach people to deliver training and presentations regionally

3.5 Establish the role of Events Coordinator to help support the organisation of member events

  1. Member Groups

4.1 Increase the number of groups and their achievements

4.2 Support groups with advice and help

4.3 Group Coordinator to have regular contact with groups

  1. Raise native and near native queens

5.1 Educate and encourage beekeepers to propagate their own bees and queens

5.2 Encourage BKAs and groups to produce excess queens to meet local demand

5.3 Identify and influence commercial bee breeders and queen rearers to rear local bees

5.4 Establish remote breeding areas and strategy where appropriate

  1. Science and Technical Committee

6.1 Re-establish S&T committee

6.2 Further build relationships with and between key academic institutions

6.3 Produce an archive of relevant scientific papers

6.4 Technical guidance to groups and individuals.

  1. Publicity

7.1 To engage members, beekeepers, general public, beekeeping organisations, sympathetic organisations and the lobbying of decision makers.

7.2 Presence on trade stands at conferences, training events, etc.

7.3 Provide copy to media.

  1. Regional organisation

8.1 Regions to be established *

8.2 Regionally based events and group activities

8.3 Build relationships with county BKA and branch BKAs

8.4 Develop and provide a range of speakers and speaking subjects to BKAs and others

*As regional variation in bees and climate is an important factor for localised adaption, improvement and conservation of bees, the strategy and events should reflect the different approaches required regionally.

Download the strategy document as a pdf file