Roger Patterson


Roger PattersonRoger Patterson is a practical beekeeper who has kept bees since 1963. This was directly after the harsh 1962/3 winter, after which, a large number of bees and queens were imported. He quickly realised these imports were not well suited to our climate and conditions. A chance meeting with Beowulf Cooper resulted in him joining VBBA (now BIBBA) in 1965. At one stage he ran 130 colonies, now reduced to around 25. He is the Apiary Manager at his local BKA, where he manages between 30-50 colonies for teaching purposes.

Roger concentrates on teaching the practical aspects of beekeeping that includes queen rearing and bee improvement. He is a prolific lecturer, demonstrator and writer, being author of books, booklets and a regular contributor to the bee press.
Roger now owns and maintains Dave Cushman’s website, that is widely recognised as one of the world’s most comprehensive beekeeping websites. He is the author of “Beekeeping. A Practical Guide”. He is a past BBKA Trustee and is Vice President of Bee Diseases Insurance (BDI), in addition to arranging the lecture programmes for the Central Association of Bee-Keepers and the National Honey Show.
Roger can often be seen in the company of his border collies Nell and Rosie.

For any queries on events or education, please contact Roger

01403 790637