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An interesting part of BIBBA activity is the broadcasting of live, unscripted apiary demonstrations. They are live streamed on YouTube, with recordings available later.

“Live@theHive” features Roger Patterson bringing you live sessions direct from his home apiary in West Sussex. This is a productive working apiary, with 20 or more colonies of varying states and strengths. He produces honey, nucs and queens, so there is always something interesting to show. Occasionally, there may be other locations featured, but because Roger is in a rural area, there are often bandwidth restrictions.

Drawing on over 60 years beekeeping experience, gained by observing countless free-living and managed colonies in widely different locations and conditions, Roger brings his practical knowledge, skills and tips direct to your digital device, often showing things that may not be found in books or taught elsewhere. “Live@theHive” isn’t scripted and the hives aren’t prepared for the camera, as is often seen online. The sessions are genuine, often showing problems in the same way as all beekeepers find when inspecting their own colonies. Not all sessions will be full colony inspections, as there may be a technique or topic shown, but there is always something different and interesting.

There is often friendly banter between Roger, Martina, who operates the camera, and anyone else. Roger can’t see what viewers see, so Martina is advised on camera positions, etc. Roger tries to answer questions and comments from viewers based on what they have seen.

The spontaneous nature of the sessions adds to the rather amateur and often amusing sessions that are fun for all, where we have education and entertainment at the same time. “Live@theHive” has gained a good following, with viewers from a wide area, including the US.

The weather makes dates and times of the sessions a little difficult to predict, so they may be at short notice. Unexpected rain may cause a cancellation, or, as happened on one occasion, a retreat to Martina’s kitchen to show something that was very different.

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