Dave Cushman’s Website
Several thousand pages of beekeeping and bee breeding information. Considered to be one of the world’s most informative beekeeping websites.
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Beekeeping through the eyes of biologist Randy Oliver: “this site is a record of my learning process as I try to understand aspects of colony health and productivity, and the reasons why various management techniques work (or don’t)”

NBU- National Bee Unit – BeeBase
BeeBase is the Animal and Plant Health Agency’s (APHA) National Bee Unit website providing information for beekeepers to help keep their colonies healthy and productive; bee related legislation, and pests and diseases information.

SICAMM-Societas Internationalis pro Conservatione Apis melliferae melliferae
International Society for the Conservation of the Dark European Honeybee

BBKA – British Beekeepers Association
BBKA has a wide variety of benefits for members. It has a Spring Convention, an examination system and a monthly magazine “BBKA News”.
BIBBA is a Specialist Member of BBKA.

CABK – Central Association of Beekeepers
For those with an interest in the scientific side of beekeeping.
By organising lectures and producing publications, the association enables beekeepers, bee scientists and others interested in bees to keep in touch with the latest research and ideas about bees and related topics. Acting as a bridge between the beekeeper and the scientist.

SBA – Scottish Beekeepers’ Association
The member organisation that represents Scottish Beekeepers at National and International Level.
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WBKA – Welsh Beekeepers Associations
Cymdeithas Gwenynwyr Cymru
The member organisation that represents Welsh Beekeepers at National and International Level.

FIBKA – The Federation of Irish Beekeeping Associations
Comhnasc Cumann Beachairí na hÉireann
This is the umbrella organisation for the County Beekeeping Associations in the Republic of Ireland, and organises the annual Gormanston Summer School
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UBKA – The Ulster Beekeepers’ Association
UBKA is the organisation to which the Beekeeping Associations in Northern Ireland are affiliated

CONBA-UK – Council of National Beekeeping Associations in the United Kingdom
CONBA represents the Beekeeping Organisations BBKA, SBA, WBKA, UBKA, FIBKA and BFA.
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GBBG – Galtee Bee Breeding Group
Set up and largely organised by Micheál Mac Giolla Coda, much of the work by this group is done at Glengarra Wood
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NIHBS – Native Irish Honey Bee Society
To promote the conservation, study, improvement and re-introduction of Apis mellifera mellifera (Native Irish Honey Bee), throughout the island of Ireland.

National Honey Show
Honey and beeswax showing as well as lectures, trade stands and educational stands.
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Bees for Development
The philosophy of Bees for Development is to assist people living in poor and remote areas of the world, and to raise awareness about the value of beekeeping for poverty alleviation.
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Bees Abroad
Bees Abroad is a UK charity dedicated to the alleviation of poverty in developing countries through the advancement of the craft of beekeeping. Bees Abroad runs, funds and monitors beekeeping projects that it agrees to support
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BIBBA works closely with beekeepers and beekeeping associations in the U.K. and Ireland.

We encourage reciprocal arrangements for linking with local BKAs