Let’s Go Beekeeping!

Let's Go


Richard Senior

Let’s Go Beekeeping is a series of practical beekeeping videos that are there to help beekeepers keep, understand, and manage their bees better.

Relentless Rosie

Presented by Roger Patterson, this series of videos draws on half a century of practical beekeeping knowledge. During August 2021, I was fortunate enough to film with Roger in his natural environment down in West Sussex and - between throwing sticks for Rosie - Roger, Martina and myself were able to record lots of footage that I’ve been editing over the winter.

So far, we have 8 videos available on our YouTube channel: Preparing supers for extraction; Removing unwanted food from brood combs; Making up a two frame nuc; Roger’s inspection kit; cold or warm way?; Protecting a queen cell; Assembling national frames and boxes; and, most recently, the Toggle hive strap.

lets go beekeeping

For three days, except for a change of clothes, this is how we were dressed. The bees were a delight.

Like all of Roger’s presentations, what you see is what you get, and these un-scripted videos demonstrate the wealth of knowledge that he has. So, as Roger says, “beekeeping is fun”: join us on a journey through the craft of beekeeping.

Let’s Go Beekeeping!