Jim Pearson “Myths, Legends and Lies”

Jim Pearson is a member of the Wakefield and Pontefract branch of the Yorkshire BKA. He is a practical beekeeper who applies science where required and where he sees the relevance to his beekeeping. As a progressive beekeeper he is always trying to understand bees more and in doing so he has discovered that some of what has become standard information is not always correct.

A keen enthusiast of native and near native bees, he manages around 30 colonies with his brother Geoff, one apiary being in the foothills of the Pennines 800 ft above sea level.

Jim is a Master Beekeeper who is an assessor for BBKA Basic, General Husbandry and Microscopy assessments.

Lecture Title: “Myths, Legends and Lies”

The title best describes the content of this lecture. The longer you keep bees, the more your experience and observations cast doubt on some of the “standard information” that is commonplace in beekeeping, which may often be little more than simply the repeating of mistakes that have been repeated many times before.

Jim Pearson will give several examples of inaccuracies that he has discovered through experience, that has been gained by managing and closely observing a number of honey bee colonies.

Hopefully this lighthearted presentation may encourage the audience to question some of the mainstream thinking and perhaps discover the real truth for themselves by observation and experimentation. The results may improve their knowledge and help to develop their techniques.