Jeroen Vorstman “Queen Rearing Simplified”

After my study of Forestry and Nature Conservation I began beekeeping and started as a professional pollinating beekeeper. I worked for Wageningen University and Research Center for the bee research unit and for 8 years as Managing Director for the Dutch Beekeepers Association. I wrote the book “Beekeeping for Everyone” (in Dutch) and now I’m working on my second book, of course about bees and beekeeping. My wife and I have a professional apiary and sell products from the hive under the name La Reine (French for Queen), queens, nucs and provide pollination services.

Lecture Title: “Queen Rearing Simplified”

Queen rearing simplified is about rearing the best quality queens and is useful for small and medium sized apiaries. The method is based on standard equipment and standard frames, so no need for small mating hives, mini frames and specialized equipment. Therefore it’s easy to adopt to every apiary without extra costs and just a little extra effort and it gives you the best change to get the best queens.

The method is integrated in the normal beekeeping practice and integrates with swarm control, varroa control and harvesting honey.

I have used the method myself for many years with a lot of success and I taught it to many beekeepers in Holland.


Here is an article written by Jeroen: BBKA Article