Irene Power “Beekeeping and a Full Time Job”

Irene Power comes from a well-known and successful beekeeping family. She has had many successes in honey shows in Ireland and London. Irene is a member of South Tipperary Beekeepers Association & former Secretary of the Clonmel Honey Show (Largest Honey Show in Ireland).

Irene provides beginners courses, Intermediate & Senior Study Groups in county Limerick and helps with outdoor demonstrations in South Tipperary. She is a very practical beekeeper who maintains 15 – 20 colonies, with keen interests in honey bee health and queen rearing & honey production.

Lecture Title: “Beekeeping and a full time job”

The age of beekeepers in recent years has lowered, with many in full time employment, possibly with young families and other interests that have a demand on leisure time. This talk will cover the topic of how to manage up to 20 hives, on top of showing honey & educating others, at the same time as holding up a busy full time job.

The amount of work involved with limited time requires extra planning, organisation and management methods to suit. You often get one opportunity to complete tasks in the apiary, as you may not be available tomorrow or 2/3/5 days time that some manipulations demand.

I will also talk about how I have brought my passion into my work environment and created a link between my hobby & my full time job in a technology company.  Also, this lecture will touch on how Bees can teach business about organisational management & productivity.