Help Required

First, some background info. I’m Nick Mawby and have been a BIBBA member for 40 years. I’d had nothing to do with BIBBA organisation until 2015, when I complained to Roger Patterson that the website had not been updated in the four years since Dave Cushman had died. His response was, “well you sort it then”. And so I took over the BIBBA website and migrated it to WordPress. Within six months I’d also taken on the membership secretary role.

Until 2019 BIBBA produced a printed magazine which was posted to members. As the cost of postage increased it became obvious that we needed to keep up with the times, and in summer 2019 we moved to a monthly email magazine with the intention of producing an annual collation to be printed.

For the first six months ‘BIBBA Monthly’ was produced as a print friendly pdf, but this was not easy to view online and download figures were less than we wished. With the May 2020 edition we moved to a responsive web based version for which the feedback has been very positive.

I now need help from someone who is comfortable with using the gutenberg editor in WordPress.
We have a team who collect and edit material which is then sent to me in Word format. It then needs to be copied and laid out as a web page.

A second process (which could be done by another person) will be the transcription of the web page version into a print ready pdf, and if future we would hope to collate selected articles from BIBBA Monthly to produce a printed annual. We do have a licensed copy of QuarkXPress 2020 but this doesn’t have to be used.

If you think you might be able to help, please get in touch and we can discuss the options in more detail

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