Files And Applications Associated With Bee Improvement, Queen Rearing and Bee Breeding

These downloadable files are used by individual beekeepers and groups to help them with their bee improvement and queen rearing activities.
BIBBA gives permission to freely copy any or all of these files for personal use and also pass the files to others interested in breeding honey bees. BIBBA only asks in return that the source of these files be acknowledged.

 DrawWing By Adam Tofilski

This newer version (0.45) is able to automatically detect all important points on a honey bee forewing and to calculate cubital index, discoidal shift and some other indices.The new version is not under GNU license any more, but it is (and will remain) free for non commercial use. The old GNU version is still available for both Linux and Windows.Further down the page there is an add-on spreadsheet known as MorphPlot, that will take the data generated by DrawWing and quickly display the results.

BIBBA file collection

There is a collection of useful Morphometric software that is as a zipped folder of several files that can be downloaded in one operation. Many of these have been created by Albert Knight on behalf of BIBBA. For technical reasons, that are due to Internet servers, the original filenames have been changed to all lower case, but have not been modified in any other way.


 BIBBA Studbook

Stephen Loughborough has created a very useful stud book. This is an Excel template, that will record assessed behavioural data used for selecting male and female lines as well as breeding pedigree. It will run on Excel compatible freeware spreadsheet applications. Download the stud book instruction manual Here or in pdf format Here.


 Peter Edwards’ Stud Book

Based on Stephen Loughborough’s original this version (V3.45) deals with more criteria. The link is a page that covers archived previous versions of both the Spreadsheet and the Instructions as well as the latest ones. Theinstruction manual is in MS Word format. The latest version is in the menu at top left of the download page along with the spreadsheet.Stores and assesses behavioural data used for selecting male and female lines as well as breeding pedigree.


Peter Edwards’ MorphPlot

Based on BIBBA’s Morph30 this version (V2.2) can import DrawWing data and calculate many useful indices automatically. It is very quick and easy to use. There are step-by-step instructions for setting up and fault finding.


 Colony Assessment Form

This form is based on the Galtee Bee Breeding Group’s ten column method of recording developed by Micheál Mac Giolla Coda


 Tom Robinson’s Table

This Microsoft Excel file was written by Angus Stokes and Albert Knight and provides an interactive way to prepare timetables for using the Jenter or Cupkit Cellplug Box. The original table written in 1995; It has been rewritten to include other methods of producing queen cells.


 BIBBA Morph30 

This spreadsheet was originated by BIBBA, thought to be authored by Angus Stokes.


 Veterinary Medicines Recording Form