Colony Increase – The Roger Patterson Method

This book describes a little known but simple way of quickly increasing honey bee colonies. Rather than just being one method, there are several techniques that can be used on their own if needed. The author has used the whole method or parts successfully for over 40 years.

Although it has been used in the UK, there is no reason why it can’t be successfully implemented throughout the world. It is suitable for all beekeepers, whether small scale where selective parts of this book can be used, or by larger sale where the full method is more appropriate.

48 pages softback

A review by Krysia Watson – chair at New Forest & District BKA
I often find many bee keeping books can over complicate processes which make them very hard to follow, however, Roger makes colony increase a very easy and attainable process.
I’m kicking myself that this wasn’t available at the beginning of the year as it’s just what was needed, so no guesses what I’ll be encouraging our association to do for our new bee keeping entrants. Roger explains everything very pragmatically and makes no drama of the process, or needing piles of kit. A few nuc boxes and a strong colony is all that’s really required.
Rogers hints and tips as you read through make perfect sense. This is a great addition to any Beekeepers reading, and can hopefully prevent needless imports of colonies when we can do this, simply, and in your own apiary.

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