There are many beekeepers who want to progress from small-scale beekeeping to selling hive products, or have already done so. They will probably have one or more established outlets, even if only their own. If beekeepers are selling something on a regular basis, it is reasonable to consider them to be commercial to varying degrees. Those with a lower volume of sales, perhaps trying to make the hobby pay, or to augment their income, are termed semi-commercial, the higher volumes termed commercial.

When the number of colonies increases, attitudes and methods must change, with a need to be more efficient, which isn’t always appreciated by those who only know the methods they have been taught that suit small-scale beekeepers. When increasing from, say, 5 hives to 10, 20, 50 or more, it isn’t simply a case of doing the same things more times, as other methods need to be developed that reduce time and cost. In addition, when selling some hive products, you may be subject to regulations. To increase the size of a beekeeping operation, there is a lot of learning to do, that is made easier if there is a source of help, which is why BIBBA has introduced CaSCA, that is an acronym for “Commercial and Semi-Commercial Apiarists”. It is simply a group of BIBBA members in the semi-commercial and commercial category. It is not a separate organisation, but a special interest group within BIBBA that is for those selling products from their own bees.

There are many commercial and semi-commercial beekeepers in BIBBA, some experienced, others less so. We therefore feel that BIBBA is well placed to help those in this significant and important group of beekeepers.

What can BIBBA offer? This will depend on the needs of the members, but we are setting up a few facilities as a foundation to build on. Once established, we can increase activities depending on what members want. Currently, as a trial, we are organising a few summer and winter courses that will be in several venues around the country.


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