BIM 50 – Winter 2017

  • From the President – Jo Widdicombe
  • 54 AGM Notice
  • B4 Press Release
    England’s first native bee reserve
  • Mount Edgcumbe – Mark Edwards
    The apiary looks picturesque as the hives are situated in an old Victorian garden
  • BIBBA Conference – Roger Patterson
    An interesting programme is being planned with three streams
  • More Queen Rearing Myths Busted– Roger Patterson
    I have been raising queens for 50 years, and not always having ideal conditions I have had to make do with what is available
    I have found that larvae for queen rearing can survive outside the hive and be transported for much longer than is usually said
  • Winter Losses – Beowulf Cooper
    a necessary part of strain maintenance …
  • SICAMM Conference – Philip Denwood
    Finland, from 12th-17th July 2018
  • Locally Adapted Bees – Dorian Pritchard
    Admittedly natural selection is not what it was 10,000 years ago, but we also don’t want a bee exactly like its post-glacial ancestors
  • Queen Assessment – Dorian Pritchard
    Meiosis is a subcellular process that occurs in most diploid organisms in the
    production of germ cells…
  • How not to Rear Queens – Kevin Thorn
    After the course (and returning from my honeymoon) I found that one of my colonies had swarmed…
  • Beekeeping on Scilly – Jo Widdicombe
    Within a bee population there are 19 or more different sex alleles, that is variations of the sex determining gene
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