BIM 43 – Spring 2014

      • From the Chair – Kevin Lincoln
      • BIFA Days – Roger Patterson
        What is pleasing is the number of beginners attending, because these in my view are the future of BIBBA.
      • Moonlight Mating – Philip Denwood
        At the 2012 SICAMM Conference in Landquart, Switzerland, a presentation by Gerhard Glock and Thomas Ruppel of the German Dark Bee Association included some details of a system of mating isolation by time of day (“Mondschein”or “Moonlight”) mating…
      • Pure Mating by Time Isolation – John E Dews
        For ordinary beekeepers a major problem in bee breeding is the difficulty of ensuring pure matings for their selected queens. If this problem can be solved, much more rapid progress will be possible in improving the native bee by selection.
      • Ownership of a Swarm – Brian Dennis
        Your bees don’t swarm, but … In a talk on Bees and the Law, the speaker referred to the ownership of a swarm. He made a distinction between bees in a swarm and bees that leave a hive to forage.
      • Annual General Meeting Agenda – Secretary
      • Annual Accounts – Treasurer
      • Trustees Report – Chairman
      • Draft Minutes – Secretary
      • BIFA meeting in Sussex – James Norfolk
        We all become bee breeders when we first select which queen cell to keep.
      • Book Review – Philip Denwood
        Natural Beekeeping: Organic Approaches to Modern Apiculture,
        by Ross Conrad.
      • Patron Saints – Brian Dennis
        Question: Who is the patron saint of beekeepers?
        Answer: The usual answer is St Ambrose,
        However, he is not the only saint to have responsibility for our craft.
      • Conference Speakers List – Roger Patterson
        50th Anniversary Conference in Llangollen
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