BIM 42 – Winter 2013

  • Don’t just sit back and expect someone to give you a black queen; find the stock locally and work to improve the bees.
  • Dark Bee Reserve – Philip Denwood
    This proposed move is largely the result of initiatives by BIBBA member Andrew Abrahams, who has been keeping dark bees on Colonsay for 35 years.
  • BIBBA Groups News – Jo Widdicombe
    Imported queens of non-native sub-species are not providing the long term answer to bee improvement in this country.
  • Whither goest thou? – Brian Dennis
    Since BIBBA was founded in 1964, there has always been much discussion and disagreement as to its aims.
  • Are you a Natural Beekeeper? – Brian Dennis
    There are those who suggest that the way most beekeepers keep bees is unnatural and is the cause of most of the problems which exist today.
  • A Broader Perspective – Dorian Pritchard
    Do our local honey bees play an unappreciated keystone role?
  • Honey with a Buzz – Trisha Marlow
    My interest in insects began as a small child growing up in the suburbs of Edinburgh.
  • Book Review – Philip Denwood
    Top-Bar Beekeeping: Organic Practices for Honeybee Health, by Les Crowder and Heather Harrell.
  • Some thoughts on Grafting – Roger Patterson
    In beekeeping we are often told we must do things in a certain way and grafting is one of them.
  • Honey Bee Improvement – John E Dews
    Breeding for Improvement: No honey bee colony is exactly like another, brood rearing, inclination to swarm, foraging, vigour, or susceptibility to disease, differ from colony to colony.
  • Bee Improvement for all Days – Roger Patterson
    Much of modern beekeeping teaching seems to be based on standard “bee facts” and the management of non–native bees.
  • Genuine Imported Queens (3) – Will Messenger
    The Third part of the article on Honeybee Imports up to the formation of BIBBA.
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