BIM 48 – Winter 2016/17

  • From the President – Jo Widdicombe
    We have to start by ‘thinking local’ with our bees
    and if enough of us do that then we can, in fact, eventually
    change the national picture.
  • 53 AGM Notice
    at Harper Adams University on Sunday 9th April 2017
  • Miniature tracking device – Paul Cross
    Development of a miniature, battery-less tracking device for honey and bumble bees
  • BIBBA Conference – Viki Cuthbertson
    My friend and fellow beekeeper had agreed to accompany me on this odyssey.
  • Quest to Improve the Manx honey bee –
    Johnny Kipps, Peter Long & Daren Wood

    The Isle of Man is fortunate to have a healthy population of honey bees, but there is more work to be done to protect against ongoing health threats to Manx colonies.
  • Bee house on the Isle-of-Man – Roger Patterson
    The Bee House is about 25 yards from the back door of the farmhouse.
  • BIBBA Conference; some thoughts – R Patterson
    On an island there are several considerations to be taken into account, some not obvious. . .
  • State of Nature – Anon
    The headlines are that long term, 56% of species declined and 44% increased.
  • Varroa resistance – Gareth John
    …Open Mating and Wild Bees in Southern England
  • Dark bees in Cornwall – Bob Black
    But nothing had prepared me for the initial results of the DNA analysis. . .
  • Ardnamurchan native bees – Kate Atchley
    Written as a fictional interview, I’ve asked and answered questions readers might find
    of interest.
  • Queen raising criteria in N.E. European Russia –
    Anna Brandorf & Marija Ivoilova

    The rearing of high quality queens is an important element in bee colony reproduction.
  • Bee Improvement – Roger Patterson
    One and Two Day Practical Courses
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