BIM 47 – Autumn 2016

  • From the President – Jo Widdicombe
    Now we have to look at the next 12 months and what we are going to do. I believe we should be aiming for 3 magazines per year, one every four months.
  • 53 AGM Notice
    the AGM will take place at Harper Adams University TF10 8NB on Sunday 9th April 2017
  • From the Chair – Phil Khorassandjian
    Another use of technology has been to develop the email-based BIBBA Buzz…
  • Seventy years ago – Jo Widdecombe
    Two quotations, From The Lore of the Honey-Bee by Tickner Edwardes & The Bee-Keeper’s Guide by W. Herrod-Hempsall.
  • Queen raising – Alan Brown
    Every beekeeper can raise queens and they probably do so every year
  • Burzyan wild-hive honeybees – R. A. Ilyasov, M. N. Kosarov. A. Neal, F. G. Yumaguzhin
    When the number of natural tree cavities declined sharply, beekeepers were forced to carefully treat the wild-hive bees more carefully. . .
  • Queen rearing on the Isle of Man – John Evans
    First published in Bee Improvement No.1 1998
  • The SMARTBEES project – Jo Widdecombe
    Sustainable Management of Resilient Bee Populations
  • Conferences and Workshops – Roger Patterson
    One and two day Bee Improvement courses & BIFA days
  • Working for a better bee – Mark Edwards
    There are several key components in my opinion, to working for and achieving a better bee.
  • Polynucs – Peter Edwards
    My aim is to be able to overwinter nucs with some degree of confidence. . .
  • QR at Keepers Cottage – Peter Edwards
    Stands for mating nucs were then installed — appropriately made from hexagonal paving slabs — and we were ready to start!
  • Black bees in Wales – Eifion Williams
    Adaptation and resourcefulness is a key factor to beekeeping and I wanted to create the boxes cheaply.
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