BIM 46 – Winter 2015

  • The Honey Bee family – Brian Dennis
    In order to understand and study animals the zoologist has classified them by placing them in groups showing similar characteristics:
  • A word from Brother Adam – Brian Dennis
    Cull the worst, breed from the best . . .
  • QR – some experiences – Roger Patterson
    Over the years I have discovered a few of the many “myths” of beekeeping, some of which apply to queen rearing.
  • BIBBA Conference – Roy Norris
    Isle of Man 20th – 22nd September
  • The BIfA workshop – Katey Slater
    Nell proceeded to befriend anyone who looked her way!
  • Grafting – Roger Patterson
    is the drowning of larvae another myth?
  • Assessment of the black bee – Willie Robson
    it is possible to show that black bees can be greatly improved over many years by careful husbandry
  • News from SICAMM – Philip Denwood
    (Societas Internationalis pro Conservatione Apis melliferae melliferae: International Association
    for the Protection of the European Dark Bee.)
  • Dark Bee Seminar – Philip Denwood
    a new project to set up a pure breeding area for the dark bee
  • The BIBBA Course – Mike du Feu
    We looked at the various equipment available for rearing queens…
  • Dark Bee breeding project – Margie Ramsay
    The project started in 2010 at a coastal apiary in Wester Ross with grafting of known A.m.m. brood from remote stocks of dark bees…
  • From the Archives – R Smailes
    Reflections on Following. . .
  • IBRA Press Release – Norman Carreck
    ….and Membership Information
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