BIM 32 – Autumn 2009

  • The Harding Hive Debris Floor – John Harding
    I wanted as much of the debris to fall out free of the hive, specifically
    varroa, and show my design for a slatted floor
  • Three fertile queens in one colony – Roger Patterson
    Follow up of the three queens that came through the 2008/9 winter
  • Variation in susceptibility to bee diseases among European races of honey bees – Dinah Sweet
    Report on the 2nd lecture of Dr. Robert Paxton to the BIBBA AGM in April 2009
  • Isle of Wight disease in Warwickshire – Brian Milward
    This is an extract from the history of Warwickshire Beekeepers Association from notes by Anthony Rawlings,
  • Griff Jenkins – obituary by Albert Knight
    Griff made his mark in his work, his beekeeping, the Welsh language and in the countless friendships he made, we will miss him.
  • Queens entombed in wax – Norman Walsh
    I found the queen to be dead in the introduction cage and every hole in the cage packed with darkish
  • Reply to Robin Dean’s article on the Black Bee – Jo Widdicombe
    Perhaps a lot of Robin Dean’s article in the Bee Farmers’ Bulletin on the Black Bee was “tongue in cheek”…
  • Galtee Bee Breeders’ Group Workshop Day – Mary Ryan
    Report on one of the most exceptionally successful and satisfyingdays in our calendar activities to date.
  • GBBG News – Mary Ryan
  • SICAMM Conference, Aviemore – Philip Denwood
  • Chairman’s Report – Dinah Sweet
  • Local Queen Programme – Roger Patterson
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