NatBIP News No13

courtesy the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA), Crown Copyright

The use of imported queens may provide temporary relief to issues of quality in our bees but have not provided stability within the population as a whole.

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NatBIP News No12

December 2022 Jo Widdicombe The National Bee Improvement Programme (NatBIP) aims to reset the widely accepted approach to bee improvement which, for many, consists in buying in new queens to improve the quality of their bees. Unfortunately, bringing in queens of exotic sub-species at best only produces a temporary improvement and, on the down-side, will…

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NatBIP News No10

When it comes to bee improvement, I believe the suggested approach offered by BIBBA’s NatBIP programme is worth careful consideration.

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NatBIP News No9

Photo courtesy of Richard Senior

In the long-term we want to see a bee population that is locally adapted and truly sustainable, that is, for example, one that is not reliant on regular chemical treatments to control varroa.

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Live @ The Hive

Live @ The Hive “Live @ the Hive” features Roger Patterson bringing you live sessions direct from his home apiary in West Sussex, although occasionally there may be other locations featured. We are restricted because of bandwidth. Drawing on about 60 years experience, gained by observing countless free-living and managed colonies in widely different locations…

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