BIBBA Associated Organisations

The COVID-19 pandemic has provided opportunities for beekeeping organisations to work closely to help educate the beekeeping population. An example of this is the development of webinars that can be viewed either live or as recordings.

BIBBA is a national charity concerned with improving standards of bees and beekeepers. We feel we can best do this in collaboration with existing organisations. We have therefore formed a category of “BIBBA Associated Organisations”, that will help two way communication between organisers. By becoming a “BIBBA Associated Organisation” you can enjoy the benefits listed below. All you need do is to make sure we always have two email addresses for each organisation, that will not be displayed.

  • Organisations supportive of BIBBA’s objectives can register as associated organisations; there is no fee for this.
  • They will be listed on our website and can have their own page detailing their activities if they wish.
  • We will send information that they can distribute to their members if they wish, or include in their newsletters or website.
  • We are open to joint initiatives, such as joint educational events, breeding programmes etc.

for further information contact