Adrian Waring

Adrian Waring NDB

Adrian died on 8th May 2019
An Appreciation

Will there be Bees in the Heavenly Places
Will there be Bees?
Winging their way through the golden space
To fructify the eternal trees …                           A Man and his Bees by Harold Lund

Adrian Waring was an early member of BIBBA and knew Beowulf Cooper.  With a membership number of 62 he was the longest serving member of the association, a fact of which he was extremely proud.  On one occasion, Beo was travelling to a meeting with Adrian, one hand on the steering wheel and the other holding a sandwich!   Fortunately, Adrian survived.   He went on to promote the native bee and joined the BIBBA committee, on which he served for many years.

Adrian was appointed County Bee Instructor for Northamptonshire in 1982 after George Sommerville (a BIBBA member) retired.   At the time he wrote:  “The amount of work achieved by George Sommerville is obvious to me at every turn.   I shall feel I am doing well, simply to equal what he did.”   This he achieved and more.   Apart from running courses, he was a regular speaker at association meetings when his knowledge, experience and enthusiasm were apparent.   He had previously been a school teacher, and his talks were always informative and entertaining.   He was in demand as a speaker for other associations.   On one occasion, however, he found the audience consisted of one member – the chairman.   He gave the talk!

I attended a course for those wanting to sit the BBKA Intermediate Exam. (pre modules).   The evenings were always enjoyable and eventually we all sat and passed – but we did range over many topics not on the curriculum!   His knowledge extended well beyond bees and beekeeping.   On one occasion travelling to a BIBBA meeting (he had persuaded me to join), I quoted a couple of lines from a Rupert Brooke poem – Adrian recited the rest of the poem!

He demonstrated skill at managing bees and queen rearing which he was able to convey to others.   Adrian was also a stick dresser – a maker of walking sticks.   He made one for me with a skep carved on the handle, which will remind me of the time we spent together.   He was a man of many talents with a keen sense of humour.   He will be greatly missed.

Brian P. Dennis.
May 2019

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  1. WebAdmin on 21 May 2019 at 22:05

    So sorry to get the news of Adrian’s passing.
    I knew him from the ‘Early Days’, as well as Beo Cooper, and George Summerville.
    They were all prominent and accomplished speakers, sharing freely their extensive
    knowledge and experience, usually in a highly entertaining way.
    As a beginner at the meeting on the Isle of Man, I was somewhat overawed by them
    but I learnt quite quickly that much valuable information could be gained.
    And who can forget getting drone comets on Port Erin Golf Course with a Queen
    suspended from a Helium Balloon on the end of a fishing rod!
    We had many amused and bewildered golfers wondering what on earth we were doing!

    Sincere condolences to Claire, and his many friends.He will be sadly missed.

    Robert Munn (Bibba Member since 1971)