Tim Smit’s View

Taking Forward our National Bee Improvement Programme (NatBIP)

Sir Tim Smit

We are now taking forward our flagship National Bee Improvement Programme (NatBIP) into its next phase and, as part of this, we need promote our message about native honey bees and bee improvement to a much wider audience. We are therefore very pleased that Sir Tim Smit (from the Eden Project) offered to help us promote that message through this short video. Although he is not a beekeeper himself, he is an environmentalist of global standing and has been a long-standing supporter of our aims and objectives. He has helped to establish reserves for the native honey bee at both the Eden Project and at the Lost Gardens of Helligan in Cornwall.

The last edition of BIBBA Monthly featured our new approach to taking forward BIBBA’s long-standing Aims and Objectives by adopting ‘Four Sustainabilities’, which of course, includes our commitment to sustainable native and near-native honey bees. This commitment is at the core of why BIBBA exists and what it does. NatBIP will enable us to promote locally adapted bees as an alternative to imports and take us towards beekeeping based on native and near-native bees. We hope you enjoy our video.

Selwyn Runnett – Chair

Nick Bentham-Green – Lead Trustee for NatBIP