Section 1.3 – Participation


For the National Bee Improvement Programme (NatBIP) to successfully fulfil its aims, we are seeking the support and participation of as many beekeepers as possible. Maximum support for the programme will result in a reduction in the demand for imported stock, as participants avoid the use of imported bees. This will allow easier progress in improving the quality of our bees; the selection process will not be continually diluted by the introduction of new, untested genes. The aim is for the Programme to run indefinitely and we hope beekeepers will, similarly, commit to supporting it for the long-term.

Whilst the aims and principles of the Programme will remain constant, the running of the Programme will be flexible, and will be modified in the light of experience, or as circumstances change to allow continual development and updating of the programme. BIBBA will finance the launch of the programme but financial sustainability must be the eventual goal of the management committee.

We are currently offering two ways to support the Programme:

1. Membership of BIBBA for annual fee (currently £20 per annum, if paid by direct debit)

Join up and support BIBBA’s Objects, that is:
The conservation, restoration, study, selection and improvement of native honey bees (Apis mellifera mellifera) and near-native honey bees of the British Isles.

Benefits include:

  • BIBBA Monthly – email newsletter
  • BIBBA Annual – Publication with articles from BIBBA Monthly
  • Publications and guidance on bee improvement and queen rearing
  • Support for local Bee Improvement Groups
  • Lectures, demonstrations, workshops on all aspects of bee improvement

Support us in developing a hardy, docile and productive bee.

2. Sign up as a Supporter of the National Bee Improvement Programme (NatBIP). (Free)

  • Supporters of the scheme are welcome, whether able to offer active or passive support.
  • Receive regular updates of the NatBIP project by email

For details of joining BIBBA or becoming a Supporter of NatBIP Click Here

The Members’ and Supporters’ Agreement

Participants in NatBIP will aim to avoid the use of imported bees, or the offspring of recently imported bees. The focus will be on:

  • native bees
  • near-native bees
  • long-established local bees in an area

This will allow any beekeeper, whatever their circumstances, to avoid the use of imported stock and take part in improving the honey bees in their area.