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Jo Widdicombe

[…]years and Chairman of Southwest Group of Bee Farmers Association for 2 years. Worked as a Seasonal Bee Inspector for 5 years. Has been a member of BIBBA for more than 30 years and has served on the committee for over 10 years, as Groups Secretary and for last 5 years as President. Believes that BIBBA’s message of improving one’s […]

Roger Patterson

[…]30-50 colonies for teaching purposes. Roger concentrates on teaching the practical aspects of beekeeping that includes queen rearing and bee improvement. He is a prolific lecturer, demonstrator and writer, being author of books, booklets and a regular contributor to the bee press. Roger now owns and maintains Dave Cushman’s website, that is widely recognised as one of the world’s most comprehensive beekeeping […]

Brian Dennis

[…]flea biology! The bees were excellent, although I did not realize this at the time. My interest in bees & beekeeping increased to total involvement. I obtained the BBKA Certificate in Apiculture under the guidance of Adrian Waring (also an early member of BIBBA), who had replaced George Sommerville as CBI.I joined the local BKA and was eventually elected to […]


[…]the reasons why various management techniques work (or don’t)” NBU- National Bee Unit – BeeBase BeeBase is the Animal and Plant Health Agency’s (APHA) National Bee Unit website providing information for beekeepers to help keep their colonies healthy and productive; bee related legislation, and pests and diseases information. Disease incidence and honey bee import figures for England and Wales can […]


[…]short time, speaks volumes for the work of these beekeepers and the policies that BIBBA advocate. Beekeepers have been helped by the publication of books and leaflets giving information on a range of topics relating to bee breeding, and today there is a respectable list of publications including this BIBBA web site. Albert Knight Albert Knight   Adrian […]

BIM 44 – Summer 2014

[…]Alan Brown In Memory of Janet Hinchley – David Allen Sampling and Predicting – Brian Dennis Bee v Pigeon – Jeremy Clay Genuine Imported Queens – Will Messenger Conference Venue BIBBA members can download a pdf copy of the full magazine for personal […]

BIM 43 – Spring 2014

[…]Bees and the Law, the speaker referred to the ownership of a swarm. He made a distinction between bees in a swarm and bees that leave a hive to forage. Annual General Meeting Agenda – Secretary Annual Accounts – Treasurer Trustees Report – Chairman Draft Minutes – Secretary BIFA meeting in Sussex – James Norfolk We all become bee breeders […]

BIM 42 – Winter 2013

[…]aims. Are you a Natural Beekeeper? – Brian Dennis There are those who suggest that the way most beekeepers keep bees is unnatural and is the cause of most of the problems which exist today. A Broader Perspective – Dorian Pritchard Do our local honey bees play an unappreciated keystone role? Honey with a Buzz – Trisha Marlow My interest […]

BIM 41 – Spring 2013

[…]modify the aims of BIBBA – no, not another one! The Native Bee – Dorian Pritchard The Native Bee shows its mettle: 2012 was by common consent a rotten year for beekeeping. Wing Morphometry Service – Will Messenger Project Discovery: Sampling members’ native or near-native bees Trustees Report – Will Messenger Report and Accounts – Iain Harley Project Discovery Phase […]

BIM 40 – Winter 2012

From the treasurer – Iain Harley Beekeeping in Switzerland – Roger Patterson Help West Highland bees – Kate Atchley Workshops – Terry Clare Towards 50 years – Will Messenger Project Discovery update – Terry Clare Ludlow & District group – Mike Saunders Coorecorder v DrawWing – Conan McDonnell Morphometry in practice – Terry Clare Imported Queens part 1 – Will […]

BIM 39 – Autumn 2012

[…]Knight Meet the Members – Eddie O’Sullivan Queen Rearing workshop – Mike Thornley Scottish Bee Breeding – Mike Thornley Experiments with Morphometry – Iain Harley SICAMM Conference – Steve Rose BIBBA members can download a pdf copy of the full magazine for personal […]

BIM 38 – Spring 2012

[…]Discovery – Terry Clare North Pennine Bee Group – Pritchard & Miller The Black Bees of Tasmania – Andrew Abrahams Stratford-upon-Avon BIG – Peter Edwards Native Dark Bee Breeding – Margie Ramsey News from the Groups – Jo Widdicombe News from BIPCo – Jo Widdicombe Queen Rearing Workshop – Mike Saunders Scottish Centenary Conference Sedbergh Breeding Group – Andrew Royce […]

BIM 37 – Spring 2012

[…]Pritchard Dave Cushman’s Website – Roger Patterson Wing Morphometry – Peter Edwards Galtee Bee Breeding Group – Mary Ryan John Dews Update – Tony Jefferson BIBBA members can download a pdf copy of the full magazine for personal […]

BIM 36 – Summer 2011

[…]Messenger Inbreeding part 2 – Dorian Pritchard Simple Queen Rearing – Dinah Sweet The Native Bee – Pam Hunter Dave Cushman – Roger Patterson John Dews Obituary – various Book Review – Philip Denwood The Rose Hive Method: Challenging Conventional Beekeeping, by Tim Rowe. BIBBA Trustees BIBBA members can download a pdf copy of the full magazine for personal […]

BIM 35 – Winter 2010-11

Queen breeding – Bill Cadmore Genetic findings – Jacob Kahn Bee improvement in IoM – Roger Patterson BIBBA Conference – Dinah Sweet Local Queen program – Roger Patterson Inbreeding part 1 – Dorian Pritchard Thoughts on Morphology – Roger Patterson Queen rearing for one – Albert Knight Conference law – Dorian Pritchard Trustees Report 2010 – Dinah Sweet Financial Statements […]

BIM 34 – Spring 2010

BIBBA Handbook – David Allen Beekeeping notes – Willie Robson Small scale queen rearing – John Dews Expansion & queen rearing – Chris Broad Queen rearing on a small scale – Tom Robinson JZBZ frame bar – Roger Patterson Inbreeding – Tom Robinson Pesticides and colony losses – Eric Mussen Isle of Man workshop – Doris Fischler A note on […]

BIM 33 – Winter 2010

[…]– Roger Patterson Warnholz Mini BiVo nuc – Dave Cushman The Harding Mini Nuc – John Harding Bee improvement – Roger Patterson Entombment follow-up – Dave Cushman BBKA Forum – Roger Patterson Morphometry Course – Dinah Sweet BIBBA members can download a pdf copy of the full magazine for personal […]

John Harding Queen Rearing

[…]of queens are required throughout the season, such as a beekeeper with several colonies, groups of beekeepers or a beekeeping association. At the time of writing I intend making a similar system, and it is so versatile you could modify it however you like. I will go for separate Open Mesh Floors (OMF) and each box being effectively half of […]

BIM 32 – Autumn 2009

[…]Dean’s article on the Black Bee – Jo Widdicombe Perhaps a lot of Robin Dean’s article in the Bee Farmers’ Bulletin on the Black Bee was “tongue in cheek”… Galtee Bee Breeders’ Group Workshop Day – Mary Ryan Report on one of the most exceptionally successful and satisfyingdays in our calendar activities to date. GBBG News – Mary Ryan SICAMM […]

BIM 31 – Spring 2009

[…]Dorian Pritchard Three fertile queens in one colony. Roger Patterson Brother Adam and the dark bee. Dorian Pritchard Breeding Group news. Jo Widdicombe The Bee Improvement Programme for Cornwall. Jo Widdicombe Survey of native bees. Roger Patterson Laboratory of Apiculture and Social Insects. Terry Clare Gormanston Summer Course 2008. Dinah Sweet Our heart is in the Highlands! Dorian Pritchard Administration […]

BIM 30 – Winter 2008

[…]rearing workshop. Jim Ryan Bee improvement and conservation in County Louth. Medway and North Kent Bee Breeding Group (MedBees). Terry […]

BIM 29 – Summer 2008

[…]Peter Edwards Varroa destructor and winter losses Terry Clare Nature Reserves and Native Bees Dorian Pritchard Bees in Europe and Sustainable Honey production (BEESHOP) Rodolfo Jaffé, Stephan Wolf and Robin F.A. Moritz BIBBA Conference 2008 Dinah […]


[…]supersede all Constitutions previously in force. 2. Name. The name of the Association shall be the Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders’ Association (BIBBA), hereinafter called the Association. 3. Objectives. The objectives of the Association shall be the conservation, reintroduction, study, selection and improvement of native or near-native honeybees of Britain and Ireland. 4. Powers. In furtherance of the said objectives […]

BIM 28 – Autumn 2007

[…]Queen Rearing Workshop – Ray Dowson The Carniolan Bee – Brian Milward Inbreeding in the Honeybee – Dorian Pritchard Galtee Bee Breeders’ Group Queen Rearing Workshop – Claire Chavasse Obituary: Claire Chavasse – Micheál Mac Giolla Coda Gormanston and BIBBA – Terry Clare BIBBA General Meeting, Gormanston – John Hendrie The Gormanston Summer Course – Sandra Unwin What is BIBBA […]

BIM27 – Spring 2007

Breeding honeybees on a small scale, Part 2 – Dorian Pritchard Isle of Wight Disease in Ireland – Eoghan Mac Giolla Coda Stratford-upon-Avon & District BKA Bee Improvement Group – Peter Edwards Project Discover – Mervyn Eddie Techniques for Queen rearing & Introduction – Albert Knight BIBBA members can download a pdf copy of the full magazine for personal […]

BIM 26 – Winter 2006

BIBBA Conference 2006 – Sandra Unwin Breeding honeybees on a small scale, Part 1 – Dr.Dorian Pritchard SICAMM Conference 2006 – Philip Denwood York and District Queen Rearing Programme 2006 – Tom Robinson Obituary: Alan Bernard Hinchley – David Allen Bee Improvement Magazine: subject index. Issues 1-25 – Philip Denwood BIBBA members can download a pdf copy of the full […]

Find, Mark & Clip the Queen

[…]to have marks from years prior to that. This proportion depends on the longevity of the strain of bees. Clipping the queen Many beekeepers may think that clipping queens is beyond their capabilities. It took me some years before I developed enough confidence to tackle this job myself, but nowadays it has become an integral part of my seasonal beekeeping […]