A Proposal for a National Honey Bee Improvement Programme

If, as an alternative to the importation of queens, we established a National Bee Improvement Programme which selected and propagated the best local bees, a good reason could then be made for not using imported bees. Beekeepers would benefit in two ways, that is, in a reduction in the biosecurity risks associated with imports, and through the opportunity of supporting and participating in a project that could deliver a better-quality bee. Taking part in a scheme to sustainably improve our bees would provide a definite reason to refrain from the use of imported bees.

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Bee Improvement Strategies – Kevin Thorn

A key question any individual or group should consider is what method should I/we follow to Improve our bees and to produce queens. There are a few key choices depending on your aims, capacity (time and equipment) and capabilities. I’m assuming the reader is looking for a bee that is native and/or locally adapted.

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BIM 52 – Spring 2019

miller queen rearing cells
    • From the President – Jo Widdicombe
    • Queen rearing at Exeter – Catherine Mudge
    • One size fits all – Baruch Livneh
    • Battling the Bandits – Dorian Pritchard
    • Adventures in Beekeeping – Brian Ripley
    • BIBBA Conference 2018 – Roger Patterson
    • SICAMM Conference 2018 – Jo Widdicombe
    • Aimo Nurminen – Lassi Kauko
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Wight Bee Improvement Group

Queen Rearing will only be carried out using IOW mongrel stock, members will be encouraged to keep records of all their own stock, using only those considered to be worthy of passing on their bloodlines

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BIM 50 – Winter 2017

  • From the President – Jo Widdicombe
  • 54 AGM Notice 14th April, Harper Adams
  • B4 Press Release
  • Mount Edgcumbe – Mark Edwards
  • BIBBA Conference – Roger Patterson
  • More Queen Rearing Myths – Roger Patterson
  • Winter Losses – Beowulf Cooper
  • SICAMM Conference – Philip Denwood
  • Locally Adapted Bees – Dorian Pritchard
  • Queen Assessment – Dorian Pritchard
  • How not to Rear Queens – Kevin Thorn
  • Beekeeping on Scilly – Jo Widdicombe
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Wheal Primrose

In addition to raising queens with native appearance and characteristics the group are looking to select queens with calm temper and Varroa resistance.

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We have been queen rearing and improving stocks of local bees since 2015, based in the medieval garden and a small more private are on Godolphin Hill,

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BIBBA Open Day – Improve Your Bees

queen emerge

A day of theory and practice for all beekeepers: This is an all day summer event to help increase the knowledge of beekeepers of all abilities on bee improvement. Attendees are encouraged to rear queens from desirable colonies that are docile, calm on the comb, productive and suit their local conditions.

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