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Alla Neal

[…]2014 and together with her husband manages 12-15 colonies on multiple sites. She does not import bees and has been a BIBBA member since 2015. She has passed BBKA General Husbandry assessment in 2019 and hopes to become a Master Beekeeper and a Honey Show judge one day. Alla is a Chartered Accountant and is/was a treasurer in her local […]

Book title

[…]History of the Bee”, written by John Anderson. As well as some lovely hand-drawn details of bee anatomy, there is another book tagged on from page 36 called “How to Handle Bees”, from the same author. You can download the book […]

BIBBA Webinars – The National Bee Improvement Programme (NatBIP)

[…]five sessions to host as follows (all are Tuesdays at 7.30pm):- 5 20th Oct “Resilient Honeybees” by Grace McCormack 6 27th Oct “Where we are, how we got here and how we can move on…….” by Roger Patterson 7 3rd Nov “Some Fresh Ideas for Teaching and Learning” by Roger Patterson 8 10th Nov “Bees and queens for everyone” by […]
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Queens: Collaboration and how to make it easy on yourself and your bees – by Karl Colyer

[…]usual this year and we figured that his ‘rejects’ may well be better than my current choice of bees. I had bees up on Saddleworth Moor (900ft), just into Derbyshire (1,130ft) but most were down on the Cheshire plains with a similar altitude and climate to West Sussex. I certainly wouldn’t want to impose the cooler, windier and wetter options […]
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Queens – an example of collaboration between beekeepers, by Roger Patterson

[…]packages contained queen bees! In total I posted about 40 queens in 6 batches. I know that queen bees have been posted in travel cages for a long time, mainly from commercial suppliers, but it was still interesting to find few problems when done by amateurs in less than ideal conditions. I will describe a little about how the queens […]
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Welcome to the October BM Newsletter by Karl Colyer

[…]colony starved to death in the first week of September. I’ve nothing against personal choices on bees but these bees were probably not best suited to new beekeepers and their surroundings. We need to improve our bees!The NatBIP webinars are progressing well. Please attend on the night if you can – feel free to ask questions. Recordings will also be […]
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News on NatBIP

Thanks for signing up to receive reminders on the current season of webinars on the National Bee Improvement Programme. You will also receive updates on BIBBA activities. We will register you as a supporter of NatBIP so that you receive information on progress in the future. Will will undeavour to only send one email to those who have previously signed […]

Sept 2020 – book download

Book download This month’s download is from 1907 and is called “Facts about bees”, written by E. Root. It’s fascinating to know just how much information was around a hundred years ago despite no internet and […]

Sept 2020 – Karl Colyer intro

[…]attendees maximum) which sounds a lot but we are opening up the webinars for a short while to all beekeepers and spaces are being booked up quickly. We will soon be publishing details and timings of the next major deliverables in the NatBIP programme to help prepare everybody for their next season’s […]

Cupkit, Fakes and Annoyance

[…]both as a complete system, and with the cup and holders only, but I graft into them.  Many other beekeepers do the same, preferring them to some of the other dedicated cups that are available. Fig. 1. Showing cages dropped off the holders in use, so releasing the emerged queens. The Nicot-manufactured parts are high quality and everything fits perfectly, […]

Conserving black bees

[…]Others would argue that it is easier and cheaper to import from abroad; after all, some think bees are bees are bees! When asked about the Black Bee, many will repeat what they have read in books and journals: a defensive and aggressive race with low productiv­ity, adapted to the colder, wetter cli­mate of western and northern Europe where it […]

Webinar – Season Three

The recordings for all our Season Three Webinars are on our Youtube Channel. Below is the play list (use the button that says 1/9 in the top right corner of the video […]

BIBBA News – back issues

You have signed up to the mailing list for news about BIBBA and the National Bee Improvement Programme. Please add to your email contacts, to reduce the chance of our newsletters going into your spam folder.You will receive a confirmation email; if it does not come through then check your spam folder. You can view recent back issues of […]


[…]gradually evolve to produce good results in the current conditions. By constantly selecting the bees that do best, our bees will be constantly evolving to cope with changing environmental or climatic conditions. Why NatBIP needs your support. For over 150 years we have viewed imports as the way to a better bee, but now is a good time for a […]

Webinars – Season Two

[…]Roger Patterson – “Dead Bees Don’t Buzz – Surviving the Winter “ Presentation:  “Dead Bees Don’t Buzz – Surviving the Winter “ View Recording – Roger Patterson – “Dead Bees Don’t Buzz – Surviving the Winter “ Tuesday 25th August 7:30pm – Lynfa Davies – “The Mystery of Mating” Presentation:  “The Mystery of Mating”. View Recording – Lynfa Davies – […]

Help Required

[…]with BIBBA organisation until 2015, when I complained to Roger Patterson that the website had not been updated in the four years since Dave Cushman had died. His response was, “well you sort it then”. And so I took over the BIBBA website and migrated it to WordPress. Within six months I’d also taken on the membership secretary role. Until […]

News for Non-Members – June 2020

Welcome to BIBBA News for Non-members – June 2020 CHAIR’S WELCOME After the glorious May weather, many of us were wondering when the rain and cooler weather would come. Well, I guess we need to be careful what we wish for! In this June issue you will be able to: keep up to date with NatBIP strategy be aware of […]