BIBBA Queen Rearing Table (Tom’s Table)

The original Microsoft Excel file was written by Angus Stokes and Albert Knight to provide an interactive way to prepare timetables for using the Jenter or Cupkit Cellplug Box. This is a more comprehensive version of “Tom’s Table” that has been rewritten by Roger Patterson in 2015, to include other methods of producing queen cells…

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Jeroen Vorstman “Queen Rearing Simplified”

After my study of Forestry and Nature Conservation I began beekeeping and started as a professional pollinating beekeeper. I worked for Wageningen University and Research Center for the bee research unit and for 8 years as Managing Director for the Dutch Beekeepers Association. I wrote the book “Beekeeping for Everyone” (in Dutch) and now I’m…

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John Harding Queen Rearing

The main purpose of this systemis its versatility and to have an additional use so you always double its value in purpose, and it’s not lying around for the best part of the year unused. Given the choice honeybees prefer vertical narrow empty spaces with unlimited depth, and just enough space to build 5 or6 combs side by side…

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June 2024 BIBBA Monthly

  • Live@theHive Returns
  • How Many Drones Are Good Enough? Dorian Pritchard
  • Book Review – Local Queens are Best
  • Swarm Control using 2 frame nuc – Roger Patterson
  • Bees for Pleasure and Profit – Excerpt
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NatBIP News No13

courtesy the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA), Crown Copyright

The use of imported queens may provide temporary relief to issues of quality in our bees but have not provided stability within the population as a whole.

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