NatBIP News No13

courtesy the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA), Crown Copyright

The use of imported queens may provide temporary relief to issues of quality in our bees but have not provided stability within the population as a whole.

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NatBIP News No12

December 2022 Jo Widdicombe The National Bee Improvement Programme (NatBIP) aims to reset the widely accepted approach to bee improvement which, for many, consists in buying in new queens to improve the quality of their bees. Unfortunately, bringing in queens of exotic sub-species at best only produces a temporary improvement and, on the down-side, will…

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Improving bees by raising your own queens

The improvement of bees is an important part of beekeeping. The suitability of bees to the environment and their temper are issues that concern the caring beekeeper, but are not often included in tuition.

This course will cover many of the topics and techniques that will suit the “ordinary” beekeeper, with a large practical element

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BOBBI Spring 2022 Newsletter

by Duncan Heather & Brian Green I would be surprised if I wasn’t the only one to be pleases to see the back of the 2021 beekeeping season.  For me personally, it was the worst season I’ve had in 15 years of beekeeping.  Cold weather then, near continuous rain, well into May, meant the queen…

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East Midlands 1998

Use of plastic foundation in the Apidea mini-nucs
Use of Syrup instead of candy in Mini-nucs
Use of cut comb containers for candy
Grafting using a magnifier and torch
Preparation of cell raising colonies
Use of a cell transporter
Use of an incubator for hatching queen cells

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