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NatBIP News No6

[…]to leave a queen cell in the cell raiser colony for them. It was really useful to keep a detailed record of our queen lifecycle. We used the record card from BIBBA. If our predictions were accurate, we were looking to see a new queen emerging in a couple of days’ time. We think the queens emerged a day early. […]

Let’s Go Beekeeping!

[…]in West Sussex and - between throwing sticks for Rosie - Roger, Martina and myself were able to record lots of footage that I’ve been editing over the winter. So far, we have 8 videos available on our YouTube channel: Preparing supers for extraction; Removing unwanted food from brood combs; Making up a two frame nuc; Roger’s inspection kit; cold […]

NatBIP News No8

[…]there is always room for beekeepers to submit useful tips, techniques, and ideas. The 2022 NatBIP Record Card is available for download for your use so that you can continuously assess the qualities of your bees, essential for choosing which queens to produce offspring from. Also it can freely be altered to suit your own requirements and allow you to […]

A Simple Method of Simultaneously Raising Queens and Producing Nuclei

[…]I had accidentally taken her from a donor colony along with a frame of brood and bees.  In my record book, I always note the numbers of the donor colonies, but when I looked through the book to identify the origin of this queen, I found that none of the donor colonies actually had a white queen.  Further analysis of […]
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BIM 40 – Winter 2012

[…]Messenger Project Discovery update – Terry Clare Ludlow & District group – Mike Saunders Coorecorder v DrawWing – Conan McDonnell Morphometry in practice – Terry Clare Imported Queens part 1 – Will Messenger BIBBA members can download a pdf copy of the full magazine (if logged […]

Wight Bee Improvement Group

[…]Queen Rearing will only be carried out using IOW mongrel stock, members will be encouraged to keep records of all their own stock, using only those considered to be worthy of passing on their bloodlines. At present no drone rearing is possible due to the variety of both beekeepers and imported stock. Hopefully this can be improved as the group […]