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John Harding Queen Rearing

[…]my queen cell, and for protection I cut up 1inch length of hose pipe and make a small slit on one end. Place this gently over the queen cell slit first and this will be more than adequate to protect your investment. On that evening I feed with a jar of syrup, replacing when necessary. Feeding does stimulate the virgin […]

Find, Mark & Clip the Queen

[…]frame of pollen is reached the search for the queen intensifies as she is quite likely to be seen on one of the brood combs and generally on a comb of eggs and young brood. The more bees that cover the comb the harder it is to see her so there is a distinct advantage in doing this in the […]

Honey bee origins, evolution & diversity – Ashleigh Milner

[…]and the recruitment of foragers by “dance language”. The accurate dissemination of information concerning direction and distance of forage areas leads to efficient exploitation of food sources. Whereas representatives of most types of bee were indigenous to all the continents, bees belonging to the genus Apis were originally to be found only in the Old World, namely Asia, Africa and […]
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