Bee Improvement for All – Edinburgh

Bee Improvement for All – Edinburgh

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with Edinburgh & Midlothian BKA

From 9:00 until 5:00

At Roslin Institute

Easter Bush Campus, Midlothian Near Edinburgh EH25 9RG

Roger Patterson of BIBBA presenting:
To encourage ordinary (that's most of us!) amateur beekeepers to assess their colonies with a view to improving their bees using criteria they set themselves, which we hope will include improved temper and suitability to the locality. Simple recording will give information on which colonies to cull and which to breed from. There is encouragement to make use of some of the opportunities given to us by the bees to rear queens using natural methods, e.g. a swarming colony, as well as some of the simpler artificial methods that will suit the beekeeper or group who needs more queens. All suggested methods are easily understood and suitable for all beekeepers, whether they are beginners or more experienced.

There will be a number of ideas and options given in an unbiased way. Beekeepers should learn more, so they are better equipped to decide what characteristics they want in their bees in order to improve them and how they can achieve it.


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