AGM 2016

AGM 2016

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a talk by Sue Loughran of Bangor University, followed by the AGM

From 10am talk; 11.30 AGM

At Temperton Room,

Harper Adams University, Newport, Shropshire, TF10 8NB

09.30         Coffee & biscuits
10.00         Welcome from President
Speaker: Sue Loughran, Bangor University, Wales.
11.30          Annual General Meeting

Trustees Report & Accounts Now Online

Sue Loughran "A Tempero Spatial Analysis of Bee Races in North Wales"

I live in hill farming country in North West Wales, near the village of
Llanfairtalhaiarn, Abergele. Originally from Liverpool, I moved to Wales
in 2001, where I continued my career in the NHS as a Children's
Occupational Therapist.
I have always been a very keen nature lover, but it wasn't until 2014
that I made a dramatic career change; gave up OT, and embarked upon a 12
month MSc in Conservation and Land Management at Bangor University.
For my research, I chose to study the levels of nativeness of honey bees
(Apis mellifera mellifera) in two areas of north west Wales and drew
comparisons with a study which had been carried out 4 years earlier. I
also carried out some quantitative research into beekeepers' behaviour
and attitudes towards the preservation of the native honey bee (A. m. m.).
My research is entitled "A Tempero Spatial Analysis of Bee Races in
North Wales", and involved 51 beekeepers and 115 colonies from
Flintshire and Denbighshire, during the summer of 2015. Bee wings were
measured using geometric morphometry to reveal Cubital Index (CI) and
Discoidal Shift (DisA) for each colony and questionnaire results were
statistically analysed for significance.

11.30          Annual General Meeting
Committee meeting


[accordion clicktoclose=true scroll=true tag=h4][accordion-item title="click to view 52nd AGM Agenda & Order of the Day"]52nd Annual General Meeting
Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of BIBBA will be held
in the Temperton Room, Harper Adams University, Newport, Shropshire, TF10
8NB, on Sunday, 10th April, 2016 at 11.30 hrs.
1. President’s opening remarks.
2. Apologies for absence.
3. Minutes of last AGM (19th April 2015).
4. Matters arising from the minutes.
5. Trustees’ Report for year ending 31st December 2015.
6. Accounts for year ending 31st December 2015.
7. 2016 Budget.
8. Appointment of Rawlinsons Chartered Accountants, Ruthlyn House, 90 Lincoln
Road, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire PE1 2SP as Independent Examiner for the
9. Election of Officers.
10. Election of Trustees.
11. Propositions (Executive):
1. That Clause 9 (Classes of members) of the Constitution be replaced with:
9. Classes of members
There may be the following classes of members:
(a) Ordinary Member shall be any person of 18 years of age or over.
(b) Family Member shall be each person over 18 years of age and living at the
same address as the Ordinary Member.
(c) Junior Member shall be any person under 18 years of age. Junior
membership shall cease when the junior attains the age of 18 and shall be
automatically and immediately amended to Ordinary membership with no
further payment for the remainder of that year.
(d) Honorary Member shall be any person so admitted by the members present
and voting on a proposition brought by the Central Committee at an
Annual General Meeting who by reason of their position or their eminence
in the field of apiculture or of their experience in matters relating to
apiculture may appear to be able to render assistance or who have rendered
assistance in promoting the objectives of the Association; such persons
shall remain Honorary Members at the pleasure of the Association.
(e) Life Member shall be any person of 18 years of age and over who has paid
the rate agreed by an Annual General Meeting up to and including 2007.
2. That the revised Standing Orders Governing the Annual General Meeting be
3. That the following subscription rates for 2017 be set:
Ordinary member £20
Family member £10
Junior member £10
Overseas member £25
4. Date & venue of the next AGM.
Nominations for either Officers or Members of the Central Committee must be in
writing, proposed and seconded, and be received by the Secretary up to and including
the date of the AGM.
Propositions for submission to the AGM must be in writing and be received by the
Secretary at least 2 calendar months before the date of the meeting. The submission
must include names of proposer and seconder.
The association is managed by the three officers (President, Secretary & Treasurer)
and up to twelve other trustees elected annually at the AGM.
The following nominations have been received:
President: Joseph Widdicombe
Treasurer: Iain Harley
Trustees: Nicholas Bentham-Green
David Evans
Terence Hitchman
Philip Khorassandjian
Kevin Lincoln
Patricia Marlow
Nicholas Mawby
Roger Patterson
Stephen Rose
Order of the Day
09.30 Coffee & biscuits
10.00 Welcome from President
Speaker: Sue Loughran, Bangor University, Wales.
11.30 Annual General Meeting
Any other business?
Committee meeting

download: 52nd AGM Agenda & Order of the Day[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title="click to view Trustees Report - summary of activities 2015" id=rpt]

Activities during 2015

Total membership at the end of 2015 was 372, compared to 328 in 2014 (13.4% increase).
This figure comprises 335 Ordinary, 12 Honorary and 25 Life Members.
The membership database management has been completely changed. Previously it had
been held on the personal computer of one committee member. It is now held online in a
Google sheet. This enables the treasurer and membership secretary to edit data and the
secretary and chairman can view the data. Should one of the key officers be incapacitated
then another can take over management of the database.
Gift Aid
In past years we have been able to claim Gift Aid using the paper based system. HMRC
discontinued this several years ago and a series of problems occurred when trying to get
the electronic claims processed. We are now addressing this and aim to recover Gift Aid
dating back to 2012.
We have moved the Gift Aid records to an online system. Any member, who is a UK
income tax payer, and has not already done so, can make a declaration by going
There are now nineteen bee improvement/queen rearing groups listed on the website that
support the principles of improving local bees. The BIBBA committee has clarified that it
is not necessary for every participant in a group to be a member of BIBBA. Some of the
groups are actively publicizing their activities, others just quietly do their own thing.
Group size ranges from two members to over forty. It is through support of groups that
we aim to move forward with bee improvement.
The online map and group contact information enables prospective members to find their
local group or to set one up.

Queen rearing grants (£963.54) have been made to seven groups in Cheshire & Wirral,
Lanarkshire, Lancashire, Llangollen, Stratford, South Warwick and Upper Dee,
A grant of £1,517.42 was made to the Sunart, Ardnamurchan, Moidart and Morven
Beekeepers Association (SAMMBA) in Scotland to help propagate bees from Colonsay on
the mainland.
Two issues of the magazine Bee Improvement and Conservation (BIM) were produced
during the year. The original intention to produce a quarterly magazine has again not
been achieved. This is of great concern to the trustees & members. The persistent
problem of obtaining sufficient suitable articles has always been the main restriction.
Any contributions by members would be welcomed – serious, light-hearted, practical or
anecdotal. If a potential author considers that their writing skills are insufficient, any
contribution can be ghost written. However, at present, it seems unrealistic to publish
more than two issues each year. To address communication with members (and provide a
benefit), BIBBA-Buzz, an electronic newsletter was published four times.
After the death of David Cushman the BIBBA website remained virtually unchanged for
several years. It has now been totally revamped and moved to WordPress, which offers
many new facilities. It allows multiple authors so that individual groups can edit their
own page. In the future a Members Only area will be possible.
The online shop has been reinstituted and currently offers a small number of books & a
grafting tool.
The website has on average 140 unique visitors a day and a total of 266,000 hits in the
We are moving forward with online communications and now have e-mail addresses for
94% of our members. This will enable us to send out more frequent but shorter
communications by e-mail. The increasing costs of printing and postage, together with a
limited supply of new articles, have restricted the number of Bee Improvement and
Conservation magazines produced each year.
This year we have made the Members' Handbook available as a downloadable pdf file,
issued twice a year. This saves on printing and postage and provides a more up-to-date
reference, which can be searched electronically.
BIBBA is a specialist member of the BBKA and a representative attended the Annual
Delegates Meeting (ADM). BIBBA was represented at the National Honey Show AGM.

BIBBA had stands at several shows including the BBKA Spring Convention, the National
Honey Show and BIFA days.
FIBKA Summer Course
It has become traditional at the annual FIBKA Summer Course at Gormanston in Ireland to
have a meeting of BIBBA members. In 2015 it was a joint meeting with the Native Irish
Honey Bee Society (NIHBS). The objects of both groups are similar; both experience the
same threats, which were discussed by the attendees. Continued importations of bees and
queens are a major concern to those who are trying hard to improve local bees, whether
they are pure native or near-native. Several members mentioned aggression creeping into
colonies that had previously been docile. This was blamed on beekeepers moving nonnative
bees, sometimes in quite large numbers, in close proximity to queen mating
apiaries. It was felt that education of beekeepers, especially those new to the craft, was
very important, so efforts should be made in that respect.
Arrangements are progressing well for the Conference to be staged in the Isle of Man from
20th to 22nd September 2016. The last time BIBBA held a conference there was in 1973.
Initial interest is very positive and it is hoped this will be translated into a high attendance
and a successful conference.
There has been much more teaching activity than there has been for many years, with
several events being held.
Over three winters we have held 35 Bee Improvement for All (BIFA) Days, when
participants were encouraged to raise their own queens. Each event has been hosted by a
local BKA, with each association organizing local publicity and BIBBA providing national
publicity and tuition. Associations were given a reasonably free hand to organize their
event as they chose, but still within guidelines to maintain consistency. The feedback has
been positive resulting in some very good publicity. It is hoped that the goodwill between
BIBBA and the host associations can be built on and that more events can be arranged.
The benefits are two-way with BIBBA having the opportunity to publicize their activities
and the local association providing tuition for their own and local beekeepers.
In the summer of 2015 a small number of one and two day practical Bee Improvement
courses were piloted. These were largely apiary based, hosted by BKAs or individuals, but
to give adequate individual supervision places were limited to fairly small numbers.
These went very well and sometimes attracted attendees from far afield – e.g. beekeepers
from Dorset and Jersey attended a course in North Wales. More of these courses are
being planned for the summer of 2016, with the first two day course selling out within 48
hours of it being announced.

Thanks are given to all those involved in hosting events & enthusing beekeepers. It is
hoped that we can continually improve events.
The archive material was collected and housed. A search for a suitable permanent
location is ongoing.
Future Plans
In the next year the trustees will continue efforts to improve benefits to members and
communication, provide courses and support breeding groups. In particular,
consideration will be given to:
• Improvement of links with Scotland and Ireland.
• Sourcing articles for BIM.
• Archive repository & access.
• Review of publications.

download: full BIBBA Trustee's Report 2015


[accordion-item title="click to view BIBBA Accounts 2015 (abbreviated)" id=accts]


Balance Sheet Year Ending December 31st 2015  
Subscriptions 6,625 5,850
Gift Aid - -
Donations 145 580
Interest 97 71
Sale of Publications 847 2,369
BIM Advertising - 150
Project Discovery - -
Workshops & Conference 7,612 29,482
  15,326 38,502
Secretary's expenses0 103 
Treasurers expenses0 95 
Membership Secretary expenses60 - 
Insurance474 0 
Committee meeting expenses1,356 2,107 
Trade stand fees & expenses156 441 
Printing stationary & postage- - 
Bee Improvement magazine costs1,302 3,922 
Website costs0 384 
Book sale expenses298 142 
Book reprints181 1,151 
AGM expenses370 69 
Subscriptions0 100 
Project Discovery964 1,517 
Conference & workshop expenses1,503 20,465 
PayPal fees107 874 
Accountancy fees360 360 
  7,131 31,730
Surplus of /(Shortfall in) income over expenditure 8,195 6,772
Current Assets    
CAF Gold account46,218 39,284 
CAF Cash account1,000 1,000 
Santander account25 25 
PayPal account1,865 603 
 49,107 40,912 
Net Current Assets 49,107  
Net Assets 49,107  
Financed by    
Capital Account-    
Balance brought forward 40,912  
Net surplus/ (deficit) for the year 8,195  
Balance carried forward 49106.57  
Stock of books 1,845  
Liabilities – Accountancy fee -360  
Liabilities – BIM December issue -1,436  


download: Signed accounts year end 2015




Standing Orders

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