BIBBA YouTube Videos

BIBBA YouTube Videos

All the videos on the list below are recordings of presentations that have been organised by BIBBA. They have been arranged into groups under headings to help viewers see what may be suitable for them. The list will be expanded when new videos are produced.

All videos have good sound information that is suitable for beekeepers in the British Islands and Ireland, although much will be appropriate to beekeepers elsewhere. A few notes accompany each heading. There are three knowledge/ability groups listed and some specialist topics, but don’t confine your viewing to the group you think may be appropriate to you, as there may be information in another group that is suitable.

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Just Started or about to

For those who are considering starting beekeeping or who have just started, perhaps in their first full year.

The Early Years – Sound Foundations in Beekeeping

These titles will be suitable for beekeepers who have just started up to perhaps two seasons experience, or have inspected colonies fewer than 40-50 times.

Moving on – Intermediate/Advanced

This group should be suitable for beekeepers of two or more years’ experience, who have inspected colonies more than 40-50 times.

Queen rearing, bee improvement, locally adapted bees, etc

All beekeepers should be able to get something out of this group, as the stock we keep is very important, not just for ourselves, but our surrounding beekeepers and the free-living population.

General Interest

The videos under this heading are suitable for all beekeepers.

Live @ the Hive

All these are recordings of real hive inspections. Unlike many other videos, they have not been set up for the camera and reflect the situations that all beekeepers face when inspecting their bees. There has been no editing, so what you see is what happened. These sessions are popular because they are practical, often expanding into discussion that has little to do with what is happening in the colonies. To view these sessions live please register here (link). We will then
contact you when we arrange a date.


The videos under this heading cover the National Bee Improvement Programme.