BIBBA Webinars – The National Bee Improvement Programme (NatBIP)

We are almost half way through our third round of NatBIP webinars. Thanks to Jo for opening the topic with two sessions which included a lot of good questions from the attendees at each event. Thanks also to Norman Carreck for his scientific perspective on the bees and, most recently, to Peter for his practical and pragmatic experiences and views.

We have the final five sessions to host as follows (all are Tuesdays at 7.30pm):-

520th Oct“Resilient Honeybees” by Grace McCormack
627th Oct“Where we are, how we got here and how we can move on…….” by Roger Patterson
73rd Nov“Some Fresh Ideas for Teaching and Learning” by Roger Patterson
810th Nov“Bees and queens for everyone” by Roger Patterson
917th Nov“Answering Your Questions” with All Speakers