Conserving black bees

Reserve signage, Oban ferry terminal CONSERVING BLACK BEES (Apis mellifera mellifera) in the Hebrides, Scotland by ANDREW ABRAHAMS, via the American Bee Journal Readers might ask, why on earth spend much of a lifetime con­serving what most beekeepers perceive as an aggressive, unproduc­tive race of honey bee — a race…

Webinar – Season Three

22nd Sept       “The National Bee Improvement Programme – Outline”  Jo Widdicombe

29th Sept        “More details of the National Bee Improvement Programme and Participation”     Jo Widdicombe

6thOct            “Global pandemics, bee imports and native bees”    Norman Carreck

13th Oct          “My 50 years experiences of imported bees affecting local stock”        Peter Jenkins

20th Oct          “Resilient Honeybees”    Grace McCormack

27th Oct          “Where we are, how we got here and how we can move on…….”    Roger Patterson

3rd Nov           “Some Fresh Ideas for Teaching and Learning”    Roger Patterson

10th Nov         “Bees and queens for everyone”   Roger Patterson

17th Nov         “Answering Your Questions”        All Speakers