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Pete Sutcliffe – “The hive as a processing centre”

[…]average of 20 colonies on various sites in the Dane Valley in Cheshire. Following his retirement, Pete put himself through the various BBKA examinations and eventually achieved the accolade of “Master Beekeeper”. He is still rather diffident about this title, as the bees seem to be the masters a lot of the time! Pete was a member of the BBKA […]
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BIBBA Monthly – December 2020

[…]      Tony Jefferson            “Heather Honey production” 30.       Pete Sutcliffe               “The hive as a processing centre” Bee Improvement. All start at 7.30pm (Tuesday webinars) Feb 9.         Jo Widdicombe           "The Basics of Bee Improvement” 16        Jo Widdicombe           "Bee Improvement – Playing your part" 23.       Roger Patterson          “Understanding queen […]

Webinars – Summary

Recordings of the majority of webinars are also available on our YouTube Channel Don’t forget to sign up here, for free, to learn more about our future […]

March 2022 BIBBA Monthly

[…]for Begginers 5th April for Progressive Beekeepers Breeding Out Bad Traits Pete Sutcliffe 12th April 2022 Small Circular Entrance Closures I am in the process of making some wooden mating nucs that are part of a system that is a different concept of producing queens than the usual methods. I will explain the method later, but I had a need […]