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August 2022 BIBBA Monthly

[…]course, prior to travel restrictions, used to be delivered as a two day course. With the use of five preliminary webinars to preview the 'classroom' side of things, it allowed the same to be delivered as a one-day event. Thanks must be given to Roger for his tireless efforts over the 10 days, for the preparation and delivery of the course […]

Improving bees by raising your own queens

[…]considerably. Please accept and respect that hosts may not keep bees in the same way that you do. Course etiquette To present these courses, we rely on bees and facilities being provided by the hosts and are grateful for their kindness. It is therefore reasonable they are treated with the utmost respect. All colonies are to be handled with care […]

Queens: Collaboration and how to make it easy on yourself and your bees – by Karl Colyer

[…]into detail about every step at this stage but I will list out some learning points about getting yourself organised. Figure out how to create another 1-6 colonies for when a suitable larvae, queen cell, virgin queen or mated queen becomes available. Have a few things prepared so that when you get the call or email, it’s not a mad […]
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BIM 51 – Summer 2018

[…]David LedgerEden Project Cornwall 17th February 2018 Two days at Cilgwri – David Spaldingthe course gave attendees plenty of opportunity for discussion and practice and, without exception, everyone benefitted Stratford-upon-Avon BIG – Terry Hitchmanthe parachuting in of racially pure queens has helped boost the purity of the local drones West Suffolk BIG course – Kevin Thorn Book Review – Philip […]

Course Feedback

[…]Lynn Rose for her generous hospitality and welcome. David Spalding FEEDBACK form the West Sussex course 2017 course […]

BIM 46 – Winter 2015

[…]– Philip Denwood a new project to set up a pure breeding area for the dark bee The BIBBA Course – Mike du Feu We looked at the various equipment available for rearing queens… Dark Bee breeding project – Margie Ramsay The project started in 2010 at a coastal apiary in Wester Ross with grafting of known A.m.m. brood from […]

“Bee Improvement for All” (BIFA) Days

[…]bee problems have partly been caused by the continued importation of bees and queens. This course will help beekeepers to rear their own queens from local stock and not rely on imports. “Bee Improvement for all” courses are organised by BIBBA on a nationwide basis, sometimes in conjunction with local BKAs or bee breeding groups. They are all day events, […]