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Section 7.1 – The Mating of Queens

The Mating of Queens – Use of nucs, mini-nucs and mini+ nucs Whether you are using natural queen cells, emergency queen cells, grafted queen cells or cells produced from larval transfer kits (such as Jenter or Cupkit), the next step in the process is finding a home for the queen…

Queen Rearing and Bee Improvement Courses

BIBBA are committed to helping beekeepers to improve their bees and those of the surrounding area, by raising queens from their better colonies and culling the poorer ones. Bee Improvement should be of interest to all beekeepers and for a number of reasons including temper, quietness on the combs and…

BIBBA Conference 2023

ARCHIVED ARTICLE BIBBA: Supporting Practical Beekeeping The 2023 BIBBA conference will be held in Carmarthen on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd September. To help those travelling a long distance, the facility will be open to attendees from midday Friday 1st September. There will be a wide variety of topics to…

NatBIP News No9

In the long-term we want to see a bee population that is locally adapted and truly sustainable, that is, for example, one that is not reliant on regular chemical treatments to control varroa.

March 2022 BIBBA Monthly


Beowulf: my friend and mentor

Supporting Semi-Commercial

Small Entrance Closures

YouTube – “The Sustainable Apiary”

Sandringham Report 2021

Sandringham Native Bee Project One of BIBBA’s Members, Eric Marshall, approached the Trustees to see if they would support a project to breed and rear native bees. Eric lives close to the Royal Sandringham Estate and it has been a key aim of BIBBA to develop a Special Apiary Project…

NatBIP News No 7

It is said that the duty of a gardener (and indeed, a farmer) is to leave the soil in better heart than it was found. As for beekeepers, the same could be said about our bees. It is good to leave better quality bees what than we started with. This could mean more ‘hardy’, ‘pest and disease resistant’, ‘good-tempered’ and ‘productive’ bees, or whatever characteristics we value.

Bee Improvement Strategies – Kevin Thorn -part two

More advanced Strategies in Bee Improvement suitable for native bees Many people find queen rearing a daunting prospect. There is an overwhelming amount of information, methods and advice. For clarity you simply need to select your selection criteria, a method of starting queen cells, a method of mating your queens…