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BIM 49 – Spring 2017

From the President – Jo Widdicombe I like to do a spot check to see roughly what percentage are of native appearance. The figure goes up and down a bit according to who has what bees in the area. 53 AGM Notice Trials and Tribulations – Frank Hilton The regeneration of the black bee would eliminate the necessity to import […]

NatBIP News No3

[…]card by recording the traits your bees have shown over winter. And if like me, one of the first jobs you need to tackle this season is that troublesome colony that you ‘tolerated’ last year – Jo has some advice on how to deal with the ‘bad tempered’ ones! NatBIP Volunteers Given this is our first full year of running […]

Winter Wax Processing, Yorkshire Style!

Richard Senior During the winter months, one of the jobs that I like to get out of the way is processing all the cappings and old combs from the previous beekeeping season. I’ve been using an old kit from Thornes for many years. Whilst this is well built, I often find that, if I have lots of cappings that I […]

Maximising Production with Native Honey Bees
– Colm ONeill

[…]Amm bees for local adaption, ease of management and rapid Spring build-up. Both have full-time jobs, working the bees the weekends and queen rearing tasks as needed on weekday evenings. He is education officer for his local association, a committee member for the Native Irish Honey Bee Society and holds beekeeping, bee improvement and queen rearing classes at his home […]
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– Colm ONeill