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John Harding Queen Rearing

[…]On that evening I feed with a jar of syrup, replacing when necessary. Feeding does stimulate the virgin queens to go and get mated. Watch the weather and 2/3 weeks later a laying queen should be observed. Still to this day it is never a better feeling than seeing your rewards in this way. Frame method These are often made […]

Section 5.1 – Queen Rearing Methods

[…]queen cells can be put straight into nucs or mini-nucs, or into an incubator for hatching and then virgin queens introduced. If introducing virgin queens into a nuc we like to introduce them, at least, one day after the previous queen has been removed. We use a piece of marshmallow to block the cage and slow down the release of […]

Find, Mark & Clip the Queen

[…]the beekeeper a few days grace to get to the swarming colony before the emergence of the first virgin queen, so as to take the necessary preventative measures. Since I have become interested in the improvement of my bees through selective breeding, I find that one of the greatest advantages of marking my queens and recording their ages is that […]

Caging Virgin Queens

[…]honey bees are often temporarily kept alive in cages. We determined the survival of newly-emerged virgin honey bee queens every day for seven days in an experiment that simultaneously investigated three factors: queen cage type (wooden three-hole or plastic), attendant workers (present or absent) and food type (sugar candy, honey, or both). Ten queens were tested in each of the […]

Bee Improvement Strategies – Kevin Thorn -part two

[…]capacity – not needed except to produce a lot of queens. 5) Will you produce queen cells or virgin queens? There are pros and cons of both. Virgins may not be accepted but queen cells may be duds. There are methods of minimising the downsides of both. 6) What mating nuc will you use? Three frame nuc needs more resources […]
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Bucks Berks & Oxon Bee Improvement (BBOBI ) – RG9

[…]BKA while teaching at BCA, so it makes sense to continue his work in the local area. Free Virgin Queens Due to a lack of resources, attempting to distribute mated queens, would significantly slow the progress of spreading local genetics and being able to modify temperament. It was therefore proposed to give away marked virgin queens during 2019 to anyone […]
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NatBIP News No3

[…]newly raised queens. If you, or your group, have got as far as developing a mating area for the virgin queens, then any sub-standard colonies should be removed from that area in order to keep the genetic quality of drones up in that area. Dealing with bad-tempered colonies  Jo Widdicombe The spring is the ideal time to deal with bad-tempered […]