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Your subscription could not be saved. Please try again. Your subscription has been successful. Sign Up for Info on BIBBA We will keep you updated on what is happening. Enter your email address to subscribe Provide your email address to subscribe. For e.g Enter your FIRSTNAME Enter your LASTNAME Enter your mobile number +93 AF +358 AX +355 AL […]

Mailing List test

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HAVE YOUR SAY At the end of each BM, we will include this section. We welcome feedback of all kinds and will endeavour to act on each response if we can. Obviously, some people want things that are the opposite of others (have you ever heard about this dilemma in beekeeping?) but all feedback is welcome.If you want to contribute […]


to resign from BIBBA go to […]

Start a Group

[…]you wish to register your group with BIBBA you will need to complete this form: You can also contact the Groups Secretary: […]

BIM 49 – Spring 2017

[…]systems and the like. Many Warré beekeepers do however carry out relatively low-intervention forms of artificial swarming or make splits, and this could be done with a view to increasing the progeny of more native-like queens, while perhaps culling the less native-like, thus trying to work with natural selection rather than against it. Philip Denwood 1. See for example Catherine […]


BIBBA Expense Claims This form is for BIBBA committee members to submit claims for reimbursement of expenses properly incurred in carrying out duties for BIBBA. Please ensure you have your receipt as a file on your computer (or on your google drive), this can be uploaded at the end of the form. If you have a paper receipt you can […]

Frequently Asked Questions

BIBBA are regularly asked very similar questions via email or when attending shows and events.  These FAQs are intended to answer some of them in the hope they will help beekeepers understand BIBBA and native and near native bees. If you cannot find the answer to your question above, please complete this […]


[…](termed “near native”). Events are of different duration and can take a number of forms, both with and without live bees. They are often run in conjunction with local hosts, mainly BKAs. We have standard events that with minor adjustments can be staged in any locality. Dates and details of BIBBA events that are planned will be added to the […]

Giftaid Optout

Complete this form so that we will avoid troubling you again requesting a giftaid declaration. If you have also clicked the YES option for giftaid, please email the membership secretary to ensure we record your intentions correctly. Loading… If you change your mind later, you can complete the giftaid declaration […]


Members only page; please […]

Join a Group

[…]or if you wish to start and organise such a group, please complete this form: If you do not feel able to set up a group yourself but would like to get in touch with other members interested in getting together to form a group, please email   Download the Bee Improvement Group […]

East Midlands Bee Improvement Group-NG11

[…]apiaries, and eventually other beekeepers in the Vale of Belvoir and the region.   We have three forms of membership, full, associate and honorary. Active full members, who have the experience and commitment, work directly with the Group’s colonies. Associate members are those who wish to support our endeavours though cannot commit to regular attendance, or are practising beekeepers seeking to […]