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FAQs BIBBA are regularly asked similar questions via email or when attending shows and events. There are also fixed and often erroneous opinions about BIBBA and what they support. These FAQs are intended to answer some of them, in the hope it will help beekeepers understand BIBBA and bees that…

NatBIP News No13

The use of imported queens may provide temporary relief to issues of quality in our bees but have not provided stability within the population as a whole.

Membership Application

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NatBIP News No10

When it comes to bee improvement, I believe the suggested approach offered by BIBBA’s NatBIP programme is worth careful consideration.

Winter Wax Processing, Yorkshire Style!

During the winter months, one of the jobs that I like to get out of the way is processing all the cappings and old combs from the previous beekeeping season. I decided to create a new steaming system